International school needs a 'Third Culture Kid' design

Excellent work and original ideas from all of the designers. It made the decision process more difficult than we imagined. This is a wonderful way to get a lot of high quality designs in a short amount of time. Thank you!


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Winning design #44 by Manju, T-shirt Design for International school needs a 'Third Culture Kid' design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Manju

Project description

Primary use will be a T shirt, but may also be print material. The phrase "Third Culture Kid" should be in the design. The more languages used and translated - the better, but NOT REQUIRED. Primary languages are 1 - English, 2 - Korean and 3 - Mandarin (simplified Chinese Characters) Language translation is secondary to a graphic that is global in visual aspects. Front design only, nothing on the back.

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  • about #20 and #21 no is correct: i meanted : i uploaded the small one : was afraid you could not see enought so uploaded again bigger ( it is not possible to remove !)
  • Except for the size - I don't see the difference with #21
  • About #30 Hi hlpahl, I've redrawn the globe so you can see the whole of China. Also put in the translations you supplied below.
  • did a test: Kids love this very much love to hear your thoughts on this! can change everything ofcourse designKB
  • did revision as you asked, straighten out the thext insteat of cirkel.. if you want that back just name it
  • @contestholder: sorry about #20 little bit too small upload, here's the right one with the textlines you asked for: quesions : because the whole text in one cirkel you have to go to relative small font size (12 pt) the chinees and korean text is in same font size! this just lookes smaller ! to put those left and right you get small "gap" is this what you wanted or..? just tell me make changes designKB
  • @contestholder thanks a lot for your feetback love that you are so clear and outspoken! will make revisions on all of them and upload asap designKB
  • Hello hlpahl, I've submitted your requested revision. I've also corrected the Korean and Chinese translations as per your post below.
  • I got the specific translations from the school admin staff. Korean: ì œ3문화 아이들 Chinese: 第三文化孩子
  • I appreciate that all three of your entries were significantly different. As stated in another review, I will try to get translations for you. Will you please make 5 or six languages of equal font size circle around the globe? I like the Korean upper left and Chinese upper right, but even out the font. Hope that makes sense.
  • Please lighten up the black on black outline of the center print. Pick a different font.
  • I like the originality, but I don't think the high school boys will want to wear it with a heart in the middle.
  • Can you spin the globe on the "i" to see the east side of China?
  • Can you spin the focus of the globe so it is over China? Round the Korean around the globe lower left and Chinese rounded lower right?
  • My favorite of your three. Best font for the main logo. Can you please in crease the font size for the Korean and Chinese to stretch across the width of the globe?
  • Thanks for the hard work on this one.
  • I like the idea, but not sure I can convince the boys to wear it.
  • Still too simple.
  • A little too simple.
  • Can you put the Korean on the left, the Chinese on the right across the top. Move the heart to lower left, and the hands to the top position and replace the three swirls with a simple globe map? I like the idea of three additional languages across the bottom, but it seems they are not completed? I will see what I can find regarding correct translations.