Jamaica's 50th Anniversary of Independence

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Winning design #69 by corto_malteze, T-shirt Design for Jamaica's 50th Anniversary of Independence Contest
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designed by corto_malteze

Project description

On August 6th, 2012, Jamaica will celebrate 50 years of independence. I want commemoration of that using EMBROIDERY on the left breast area of POLO shirts. Designs will be approximately 6cm X 12cm. The national colours are black, green and gold. While the logos should include at least black, green and gold,there is no restriction on the inclusion of other colours as well. The polo shirts will be in solid colours - black, green, yellow/gold, pink and white. The pink and yellow shirts will be primarily for ladies, and should have logos that reflect the femininity of the wearer. The black and green shirts and their motiffs will be gearded primarily (but not necessarily exclusively) towards men with the white shirts being unisex. We have strong traditions of sporting and athletic excellence. There is also a sophisticated leisure / party atmosphere that pervades the lifestyle in Jamaica. Exclusions - no images of faces, or human silhouettes.

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  • This represents the true island feel, dreadlocks , palm trees, stylized sunset etc. Very nice!
  • This is getting better. Will be offline for 3 hours. talk then
  • Just what the doctor ordered
  • These are plain. Won't appeal to a discerning purchaser
  • Just a thought. If we read the design from top to bottom, it'd read like this: "50th 1962-2012 Jamaica's Anniversary" Is there a way to rearrange it so it flows as you read, while retaining the current artistic motiff? Suggestion for sequence : Jamaica's 50th Anniversary 1962-2012. Then we can move the artwork around a bit"..
  • Quite nice. If this can be embroidered, it'll be fantastic!
  • Dear CH, please check my new entry embroidered shape & feedback thanx
  • Excellent stuff. Best so far. Question though.... I need the design to be embroidered, not printed. Can your shading, and subtle colour changes be replicated using embroidery?
  • Very nice. I like these. Yes, I would like to had 3-4 different logos to choose from. Thanks
  • These are ok, but I also want to emphasize the fact that it is the 50th Anniversary of Independence. People could ask, Fifty what? when they see these.the wearer would know, but not people passing by and seeing the shirt I will send a file of something I came up with (but it is illegal for me to use)
  • Dear CH, I have submitted 5 variations of a logo to suit the polo colours that you have named. In each, I have set the logo onto a shirt template as to preview what It might look like. Any suggestions on your part would be appreciated. PS: The templates are T-Shirts, rather than polos, simply because that was the most realistic royalty-free template I could find.
  • it looks like you want more than one logo : correct?
  • Hi, please reformat so that the 50th is either on the right-hand side of "Jamaica's", or a bit lower, so the caption will read "Jamaica's 50th Anniversary". Good work
  • Quick response! Great graphics
  • Dear CH, please check after modification thanx................
  • Hi Rajagee, pls modify this so it says "50th" anniversary, instead of "50"
  • Gonna remove this from contest. Doesn't meet specs of the brief.
  • Gonna remove these from the listing. They don't meet the briefing specs.
  • Great stuff. #25, #26 need to be embroidered though
  • Wicked and wild