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Winning design #72 by cobalt, T-shirt Design for Kid's T-shirt Design Contest
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designed by cobalt

Project description

A children's t-shirt. A child in Warrior Pose- perhaps with some subtle but cool and noticeable warrior garb (a feather or a sword). In yoga, there are three variations to Warrior Pose. For examples please see:

Please include the definition of warrior: one who shows great courage. Please limit it to one color.

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  • Could you add some sort of "accessory" for lack of a better word that makes the child/person look like a warrior
  • Can you make the silhouette in one of the yoga warrior poses
  • Pretty design but the person needs to be in one of the warrior yoga poses.
  • Can you include the word warrior?
  • Can you make the words smaller and include the word warrior?
  • Hello Steve27, We are really open to both. We would like the "warrior accessory" to be subtle and demonstrate strength and courage. The word warrior should be on the shirt along with the definition. Thank you for submitting. We are new to this forum so I apologize if I am not communicating well. It has to be something a mom or dad would want to buy for their 6-8 year old yogi and something the kids will be excited to wear.
  • Hello tadasana, do you prefer a silhouette style or would you like to see a more detailed illustration of the warrior yoga pose, posibly holding a sword as mentioned in your brief? Thank you.
  • I like the silhouette. However, the words are in the wrong order.
  • I like the silhouette. However, the words are in the wrong order.
  • I should have been more specific about the pose. I apologize. Warrior pose is a specific pose in yoga. There are 3 variations Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III. For examples please see:
  • I used one pantone color and the lighter tones are screens of the one pantone. My 5 year old daughter posed for me in various action poses.
  • Can you put the silhouette from #47 into this. I understand what you were going for but I think the head on this one is too "cartoonish" for lack of a better word.
  • we want to stick with warrior I or warrior II poses and just one color
  • The words are too big/blockish but cool concept
  • I meant childish not boyish. I like the circle
  • thank you for the definition.
  • PLease provide both poses! Thank you!
  • A reverse silhouette made from the words. Color and warrior pose can be changed if desired.
  • I have submitted my design both in BLACK AND WHITE, just to keep an option. Hope you like it.. Thank you
  • hello I tried making mine simple but at the same time get my message across. hope you like it Thank you