Lake Sam Rayburn

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Project description

We are in the big state of Texas.
This is the largest lake completely within Texas.
Could possibly use the shape of the lake.
Might consider some retro aspects.
Recreational Lake - Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Bass Fishing, Jet Skiing, Kayaks, Boating
Near Angelina River and Neches River
Could use only text or only images or a mix of both.
Iconic Shirt
Goal is to sell these at the local Tourist Center at Lake Sam Rayburn
We also have a popular island that is named rattlesnake island because of its snake like shape.
Hidden Beaches
Rock Island
National Forest
Could possibly choose multiple designs
Feel free to ask questions!

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  • Hope you like my design. Please let me know if any adjustments need to be made. #20
  • I would like a more retro or boutique feel. A different font please and show on different colored backgrounds. Thanks #17
  • I like this one a lot can we see some different versions.

    Thank you. #15
  • I don't like the outline and i don't think I like the location marker but would like to have Lake Sam Rayburn somewhere on the shirt. #19
  • Focus should be more towards lake and recreation instead of woods. #15
  • Thank you for your designs. These may be too simple for what we are looking for. #10
  • About #15, Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • About #15, Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • Looking for an iconic phrase and more Umph #14
  • Thanks for your comment CH. I will work on this.
  • Looking for something more fun and energetic with use of lots of activity
  • I like the use of our logo but need way more twist on area activities #4
  • Looking for something with graphic representation of the area activity #5
  • Can we input Texas shape or words. #6
  • The actual photo doesn't work for me. Wanting something more graphic or representative than pic. #2
  • Hi CH
    Here are my first proposals #3 , #4