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Winning design #79 by rizzqi, T-shirt Design for Lit Kiteboarding Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rizzqi

Project description

I am looking for a unique cool t-shirt for a kiteboarding lifestyle company. There are a lot of companies out there for surfing, but nothing for kiteboarding. So I am looking for a cool first design for a kiteboarding company. I have never seen a tasteful kiteboarding shirt besides from TKS Miami.

I would like to stay away from using a person on the t-shirt. A lot of people like to put people on the t-shirt. But I would like a cool design of the logo or maybe just a kite somehow. 

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  • I really liek thi if you could remove the kiteboarder and leave a kite.
  • Love everything about this. #39
  • love the font here. Id love to see you remove the kiter keep the kite. #46
  • I like the writing on the side and the way lit is designed. #50
  • I like the logo design though #51
  • please no kiter on the t-shirt. Kite yes. Person no. #51
  • I do not want a kiteboarder on the shirt. Maybe a kite. but not a kiter. #56
  • I really like the direction here with the kite and the logo!
    A lot! #66
  • I like the triangle with the logo but the background is a little aggressive.
  • Reminds me a little too much of pepsi!
  • I like this. But its a little much
  • Looks really good! Like this a lot. Maybe integrate it in to a circle! #80
  • I really like this, but I would like to remove the kiter and maybe add a kite instead.
  • My Concept, Hope You Like It #75
  • hope you like it. thanks ;) #57
  • Really like the direction og the font that you are using here. Very cool!
    • About #27, @Wunderlich85
      Thank you for your feedback..

  • Really cool Idea here with inverting the logo #23
    • About #23, @Wunderlich85 thanks, so Is this that you want?

  • I like this a lot. Very good ! #19
  • Loving these. Very cool direction. #18
  • Do not want a person on the t-shirt. I like the idea of the kite in the logo. Maybe find a subtle kite.