I can't speak highly enough of the effort put in by this designer - it has been 1st Class. The end product was above my expectations and they were clearly the standout designer in regard to following up on my suggestions and feedback. Will certainly use them again without hesitation. Thanks so much - very happy Contest Holder here. :-)

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Winning design #75 by DyNiC123, T-shirt Design for MAKO MINING Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DyNiC123

Project description


Our company - 'Mako Mining' is looking for a T-Shirt design that reflects the similar T-Shirt design  as this Son's of Anarchy T-Shirt (see attached).

Changes Required

REDWOOD -> change to: QUOLL

ORIGINAL -> change to: FOX

SAMCRO -> Change to: MAKO



I have also included a copy of the company LOGO's if the shark fin could somehow be incorporated into the design - excellent.....just trying to replicate the Sons of Anarchy design with our spin on it.

We like the fonts they have used - so also look at using similar.



(I also included the Starbucks its similar to what we are looking for).....get creative, if you can come up with something better than the SoA logo..we just might go with it...if you can impress us, we will look to do follow up work with the successful designer)

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  • It is especially noticeable within the main MAKO logo. #75
  • Also...the washed/worn there any other type you can do.....i like yours...but just wondering if the scratch marks could be a little more randomly uniform if you get my idea.....with these you can kind of see a pattern.....or a bias to be in a certain direction.... #75
  • Hiya,,,,still think those stars each side of 20 and 15 need to be a little bolder... apart from that looking real good. #76
  • Nice try...but not so sure. #74
  • please check my new update designs thanks
  • thanks for the feedback I well do now my new update designs
  • Very good Markus...can you please put the left sleeve logo on the right sleeve...thanks. #69
  • Also looking very good but can you change the font down the bottom of shirt FOX - QUOLL to be the same style as the font in the middle of the big logo....i think you have left the font the same as before you changed the big logo...thanks., #54
    • please check my new update designs thanks for the feedback

    • what do you mean can you change the font down the bottom of shirt FOX - QUOLL to be the same style as the font in the middle of the big logo?

    • just tell me if we have changes part of my designs I'm welling to change and update to make a perfect my designs thanks

    • @DyNiC123 THE font FOX and QUOLL on the bottom of the shirt is not updated! need to be the same font like in the main logo.. that is what he really want to say!

  • Looking real good Markus....but can you lose the oval FOX - QUOLL logo on the RH sleeve....thanks. #59
  • Nice attempt - but not really into wings... thanks. #60
  • My last design .. any changes if you need please let me know sir. #59
  • what is wrong with my designs ? IF you want to be made changes in design #19 like in my design , then what is wrong with my design ????
    Tell us what you like and don't like!!
    • @Markus Hi Markus, Nothing wrong with your design at all - do not fear as I have extended the competition, so we get design just right. Your intial logo was excellent, I like your font and main logo. I see you tried to make it look also worn/washed....but it is still not as effective as #18 - can you try to replicate again. Also show me on a t-shirt would be better.....i like the FOX QUOLL on the bottome left hand side and also the traditional Mako Mining Pty Ltd logo on the right hadn sleeve. Have a go and see how you end up. But by now means do I not like your design. Thanks Marcus. JL

    • @Stingray2014 Sory I can't copy another designer WORK/IDEAS/CONCEPT !!! I can make the design more worn/washed but NOT to replicate the entire concept from design #18. I'm NOT that designer that copy others, i have my own IDEAS/CONCEPT. Have a nice day!

  • Font changed #42
  • Hello Stingray, I made this design, what you think. FOX and QUOLL are aligned now! #41
  • Not to bad actually - like everything except for the machetes...

    JL #20
  • Hi Guys - big apologies for late reply of feedback - my bad.

    Really like design the washed/worn look.....

    But the main MAKO logo needs to as per the Marcus #14 design - he has it spot on.

    (not really into the shark outlines, or circle of fins or anything to do with a pick and shovel)....

    See what you can do guys!

  • here is another adjusted text to make it less space between text/ compact :) #30
  • here is another one..
    one color and adjusted the text a little bit.. hope you like it #29
  • #21, #22 , #23 , #24, #25

    Dear CH,

    Could you please see my design and give me your feedback?
    Thanks :)
  • I windrown this design #13 and upload the new one #14