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Winning design #39 by twistedpiston, T-shirt Design for Marijuana T shirts Contest
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designed by twistedpiston

Project description

Looking for funky, fresh designs for several medical marijuana strain specific T shirts.. 24 in all to start for the first release. This project however will be the testing ground and only consist of the first design which will be for the "Bubba Kush" strain which can be researched online for detailed information on the strain at seedbanks and review sites like this one here Myself I envision the project to have a killer full front graphic that defines the strain and its characteristics in a true art format but also includes text stating the THC content and smoke report. Research the strain, maybe even load up a bowl and let your mind wander, 420 friendly designers this should be right up your alley!!!

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  • Hello there, I was just wondering, what exactly do you want the shirt to say text wise? Thanks! -manders
  • I'm working on one, will get it in soon. As I type this, there is 4 days and 20 hours remaining in the contest. ...must be a sign! -Keith
  • About #1: I have made a design that is what I thought you were looking for. I looked up what the thc was and what the smoke report was. And I found that the THC was 18% and that alot of people were reporting that it was fruity and sweet. So I just made that a into a slogan and then added the Thc level at the top. Hope you like and if you want anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Is this legit? Serious or joke? I'd really like to know.
  • Yes I agree, txt is needed before we can start. And one can't download the T. Can we use another?
  • About Entry #9 For my entry I've chosen a color scheme which I think matches the Bubba Kush Strain well, (darker green buds and orangey-red trichomes) with a general description and characteristics of the high. Possible design concept for the set of 24 could be that each strain get its own color scheme and graphic (shown here at the bottom of the layout). Any feedback is much appreciated :) -Shannon
  • Ok, so the entry by TwistedPiston is on the right track but needs some refining. I like the way the smoke report is incorporated into the design along with the THC rating. Keep them coming, like I said earlier whomever we decide to go with will be getting 24 of these designs to do so this is a major job once we establish the format and decide on an artist. Good work so far from those who submitted entries :)
  • Are these shirts going to be silk screen, DTG, heat transfer or what? Are we limited on number of colors, gradients? Will we be required to do the color separations if it is silk screen? Thanks -Keith
  • About #13 & #15 Just to be clear i added a picture of a girl on #15
  • About #11 Thanks for the feedback! As an illustrator, I've taken your suggestions and played around a little bit. This is what I've come up with so far. I've taken the leaf graphic, and replaced it with hand-drawn illustrations. I've drawn some spliffs at the bottom to bring more attention to the buds and added smoke. Also, I've altered the type a little bit to add more of a wispy, faded feel. Everything in this design is illustration except for the text. Thanks again!
  • I really like your style of art, but the design is a little to retro for what we are looking at. Also, we need marijuana incorporated into the design as well :) good job!
  • This is on the right track, if it had a more of a hand drawn funky feel to it and the buds were more pop out (without blending into the background) it would be almost bang on.
  • we have decided to put the smoke report info on each t-shirt in the form of a woven tag. So, things like feeling, couch lock, joyful, etc are no longer required in the design. That said, the THC content will still be included in the design :)
  • Silk screened, all that is required is the layered photoshop file.
  • #35 the classic helvetica surrounded by some fine smoke! still can play with some colors on photoshop..
  • #41 cease & sekkle. I hope you like it. Thank you for this contest, I enjoyed doing this design.
  • @dave1 Your contest is in expired mode waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend your contest. Designers are not able to comment or upload when a contest is in expired mode. I wanted to also let you know that when you choose a winner you will be able to work with that winner for 7 days on any changes or edits you may need or want. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
  • dammit i just noticed i forgot one "b" in "bubba" :D (thats easily corrected though)