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Winning design #42 by jsummit, T-shirt Design for Martial Arts Academy T-shirt design!!! Contest
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designed by jsummit

Project description

A silhouette or very close likeness of an iconic T-Pac shot with his backwards bandanna on his head, but the end of the bandanna hanging in front of his face is actually a BJJ black belt with 5 white degrees (stripes) on the red bar. with the wording *** Picture me rollin' *** placed somewhere in the same Motter Femina font found on our logo at See pic examples for the iconic images of 2-Pac. A definite likeness & recognizability, but not so perfect... so as to avoid likeness issues.

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  • Excellent!! Love the vague silhouette. Can we make the wording more legible? Also, can we make the bandana/belt more clearly recognized & separated?
  • Love this!!!! Can we try using our star in the circle for the nose-ring ? Or maybe make the eyes the "stars in circles" to further separate the likeness? Also, love the distinct belt wrapped around the head. Is this too close of a likeness?
  • Again, LOVE the simplicity. Too close of a likeness though. Also, can we try and make the belt an unmistakable part of the bandana? Also, love the use of the logo from my previous contest!!!
  • Let's stay away from a definite "likeness" and go with either a vague silhouette or sort of cartoon that when combined with the wording and bandana we'll have the desired effect. Again, no direct likenesses. Thanks.
  • Hello there, What kind of look are you going for on this Tee? dk
  • jecrt, That's what I was afraid of. I sure hope there can be a way around this....
  • Tupac Shakur's image/likeness is can easily google to find a list of people that have been sued for using it on merchandise :(
  • CH, You will see a bunch of different entries submitted. Just been trying to figure out a unique way to camouflage him and also add in special elements of your company logo. Will await feedback... Thanks. :) Dina
  • CH, Well hello there! LOL. Thank you for your feedback once again. Thought the simplicity would be great to bring here as well. i noticed your feedback about adding in stars for the eyes...I did so but made mine still fit the shadowed side of his face. I also transformed the black belt to make it look to match the bandana identically. Will await additional feedback. :) Dina
  • About #30 Great, thanks! I appreciate the feedback! Glad you like it! This is a really fun idea to work with!
  • LOVE the HBJJ in there!!!!!!
  • VERY cool!!!!!! LOVE the distressed look, the silhouette, the Brazilian flag!!!!
  • CH, You got it! I will use a similar belt from the first entry but make it a bit longer and half curved. Get it done in 5 mins...let me know what you think... Dina
  • Maybe we can try having the belt flap curve down and cover the mouth?
  • I love the idea of this, but I feel like it needs to be more legible & less busy. I prefer the simplicity of the your first option. Again, I love the idea though!!
  • Dig the eyes! Can we make the belt flap more prominent like the old one (the last one was more curved).
  • Can you lose the apostrophe?
  • Can we try the belt a bit more clearly a BJJ belt? Also, the apostrophe should either go after the N, or not at all.
  • and the count down begins.. any variations or revisions you would like to see pls dont hesitate to ask. Other wise it was another fun contest held by you and I believe that we pretty much all have a wide gap between choices. So choosing is not so difficult for you this time around. If ever in the future you would like to make gym pants with my pattern you are welcome to contact me here. Good Luck to all contestants and I will offer my congrats to the winner who ever it is now.. Alohas and Mahalo
  • About #30 Sure! Thanks again for the feedback! I'll send that revision out tomorrow morning Pacific Time! J