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Winning design #38 by sajad, T-shirt Design for MattyTWall Contest
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designed by sajad

Project description

Music artist.   Blues Rock Guitarist 


#1 RMR Blues subgenre chart for Blues Albums airplay in USA  (July, 2016)

#1 iTunes Australia Blues and Roots Albums Chart  (May, 2016)

#1 Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Chart  (May, 2016)

" Australian-born guitarist Matty T. Wall proves the blues is alive and well Down Under....Infectious chops and a swagger that's soulful enough to rival that of any blues-fueled, American album that’s bound to leave a big smile on your face."

- Guitar World Magazine, International (May 10, 2016)

"simmering guitar playing that reaches right into your chest and grabs and twists your innards. The effect is visceral and moving"

- Down At The Crossroads USA (Jul, 2016)

"undoubtedly, one of the most inspired musicians of this generation... You better watch out for this artist. You will be hearing extraordinary music from him for a very long, long time"

- Gio Palato,, UK (Jul 01, 2016)

"With a contemporary blues/rock edge, yet maintaining a solid footing in the blues of old, with all of  its colorful history and traditions intact, Wall is a rare treasure.... He is one of those guitarists who can  squeeze an incredible amount of power and passion from a single note."

- chickenwilson, USA (Jul, 2016)

"When I was finally able to slow my heartbeat from the excitement of MattyTWall's awesome guitar on his debut "Blue Skies", I heard some of the best vocals around"

- Blue Monday Monthly USA (Jul, 2016)

"A challenge to Bonamassa as the modern blues champion."

- Dave Anger, 2MCR,  (Jul 12, 2016)

"MattyTWall, an awesome blues guitarist from Australia"

- Lori Bumgarner, PanashStyle, Nashville, USA (Jul 24, 2012)

"Australia's answer to Stevie Ray Vaughan" - Tone Deaf (Mar 31, 2016)

"Blues guitar virtuoso MattyTWall seems to never stop gigging, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seize the opportunity to catch him in action every chance you get. "

- Travis Johnson, Xpress Magazine (Jun 04, 2014)

"One of the best blues guitarists that I have ever witnessed. "

- Geoff Scott,  White Star, Albany (May 31, 2015)

"It’s guaranteed that Matty T. Wall is an artist that is going places and is a name to look out for in the future" - FestivalsOfAustralia (Apr 28, 2016)

"the bands did shine, and in the middle was Matty T Wall putting down some guitar as good as I've ever heard in that room, great tone, great choice of notes..."  - Rik Van Der Velde, Perth Blues Club, head sound engineer (Dec 29, 2015). USA

The blues is music that traveled on trains and steamboats from the Mississippi Delta to the neon streets of Memphis, Chicago and St. Louis. For MattyTWall  - a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and bandleader – it is the supernatural sound that crossed the ocean to Perth, Australia to ignite his imagination and give power to his art.

A young man with an old soul: Matty is connected to music with a wealth of history as he distills a diversity of genres into his own blues-influenced soul, jazz and rock signature.  His points of references are wide; he has studied and played a spectrum of styles including flamenco, swing jazz and funk, and he attests to a love for “heavier things” in his youth, bands like Metallica and Sepultura among them. But he remembers how the musicians he admired would honor the blues masters who came before them. And following the trail of Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan backwards, he was hooked. “I discovered Robert Johnson and he made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” he remembers. “I got into the blues and have never gotten out of it.”

As a guitarist, Matty wrings raw emotions from single notes, stretching and bending the strings of a 1961 Les Paul Custom into sounds both persuasive and human. While he is capable of blazingly fast leads, he also drives the beat with percussive punctuation and solid assurance.


With his vocals, he coils along the lines of the guitar. “I enjoy using my voice as another instrument,” he avows. He says that his songs are primarily riff-driven, and he compiles his musical notations into a catalog of 50-100 concepts that he can call up when lyrical inspiration strikes.

In performance, Matty fronts a band of seasoned pros to support his songs. His preferred configuration is a trio: where the guitar has plenty of air around it. “Sometimes playing with a bigger band is a strait jacket,” he observes. “With a trio I can go crazy.”

While the music that Matty plays has roots in the past, he is a very much an artist in the present. Through his reverence for historic musical forms, he is not emulating, but redefining these sounds, as he introduces classic genres to new listeners and invests them with his own trademark.  

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  • Modern illustration based on polygons. The signature complete the artwork giving it the typical and iconological featuring of a Old School Blues Tshirt. Please if you have any feedback i would be here to make changes! #16
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