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Winning design #16 by GJR, T-shirt Design for Mayberry's Contest
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designed by GJR

Project description

Our business is "just good food" serving awesome sandwiches with signature sauces, soups, salads and southern comfort entrees for dinner.  We have a small town feel with big city flavors.  We have a t-shirt logo of "Get Sauced" and need a design that incorporates sandwiches and sauces together.  We currently have 3 sauces in production being bottled and sold and 3 more on the way.  If you can find a way to subtly include the sauce names while not making Mayberry's sound like a condiment shop, that would be awesome.  Sauce names are Ginger Sauce, Cuban Mustard, Juicy Cranberry Relish, Creamy Raspberry, Sweet Hot BBQ and Sweet Onion Spread. We are located in Brevard, NC.  For a look at our restaurant you can see it at  Our logo font is Caflisch

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  • ok i think its done #51if i spell mayberry's right which i can lol im you want this one with mayberrys correctd let me know?
  • here ya go #50
  • i made the sauce bolder #43
  • I made the sauce bolder #42
  • Sauces is on the sides which gives a good view for the t-shirt. Hope you like it! :) #39
  • This design have the 6 sauces and i included image of each sauce, hope you like it! :) #38
  • I included the names of the sauce and this is HIGH Definition design :) #37
  • Please Feedback #32
  • Here is the design in white on a black t-shirt. Please let me know if you would like to see other parts of the design changed to black or white. Look forward to hearing from you and Happy Friday! #23
  • Hi Amanda- Can you show it to me on a black background? Or reverse the outer edge? We are probably going to start with a black t-shirt and need to see how it will print up. Thanks! #15
  • Hi, dear CH! Here is my entry #17. It's two sided only in one color on white t-shirt, but it can be any othe color if you want.

    Some feedback from you would be great! Thank you for attention & best regards
    • @Anastasiia Sorry-It was just too much.

  • The basic design is eye catching and appealing. However, we don't serve hot dogs.
  • Please Feedback This One.. #21
  • Please Check this one,, this is the best design for me,, i hope you like this.. #20
  • Loving the creativity and understanding of our design wishes. Just waiting to see what else happens.....Thanks to all of you!
  • really nice design my dr fnd...really great work... #15
  • Good Morning!
    I have made the changes you've requested. Please let me know if there was anything I misunderstood in your requests. I have changed the zig zag circles to straight, eliminated the banner and used just the logo with the two straight lines, I moved the "Get Sauced" down below the logo and added your logo to the sauce bottles like those pictured on your website, and I added your location. I hope these are improvements and closer to what you would like. Please let me know if there are any other changes you would like to see. Have a great day!
  • I appreciate the black and white design as it allows me options on t-shirt colors and for the cost factor as well. I love the classic lines of this and the prominence of the Get Sauced. It looks great. Our thought was that it would be great to have a picture of a sandwich and/or sauce bottles incorporated somewhere. We want to make sure that it is clear that we are a restaurant that sells awesome sauces. Also, underneath the design we would like to have our location included. Brevard, NC. Great job! #1
    • @info71 okay sounds great, I will get on that right now Thanks!

  • Your design is so eye-catching. We aren't certain that the splatter will appeal to our main clientele and we want to keep it black and white in order to keep costs down and give us the option of multiple t-shirt colors. I'm still undecided but did want to say that it has great visual impact and for that reason is still under consideration. Thanks! #4
  • Amanda-Love the work put into this design. We really like the black and white graphics for multiple reasons and we love the picture. We would prefer a straight line instead of the zig zag circle. Instead of the banner we would like to see the straight line logo, no hands. Last, maybe moving the Get Sauced part off the bottles and putting it below the Mayberrys logo would be better. Oh and also, we would like to add the location of Brevard, NC under the design. So far, your design is the staff favorite. Thanks! #5