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Winning design #24 by PaintedPony, T-shirt Design for Membership T-Shirt - 50th Anniversary Contest
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designed by PaintedPony

Project description

Audience: Our members (primarily environmental scientists) have the option of receiving a t-shirt as an appreciation gift for their annual membership donation. We have been designing t-shirts for over 30 years and the new shirt design is much anticipated each year. The most popular designs have included images which represent Costa Rica well, especially tropical animals -- hummingbirds, frogs, butterflies, insects. Our members are intelligent and many are experts in their respective fields, so accuracy is key. (i.e. don't include an image of of a bird found in Nicaragua). However, highlighting our 50th Anniversary is key. Must haves: Our 50th logo, the word "Amigo" (PLEASE ONLY USE the ENGLISH LOGO) The 2011-12 design can be seen in the link below and I uploaded it as an example. This was designed through Design Contest last year and and very well received. Other links provided: Our website: our flickr account: Photo gallery: Tips -- avoid pictures from the BioCursos program on the Flickr account. (These are excursions outside of our stations) Design colors: Our official HEX colors are #7bc143, #fdbb30, #f26631 -- You do not have to use these colors, I'm only providing this as a matter of reference. Our logo can be changed to one color. The final design must be for the front of a t-shirt only and a limit of 3 colors. (The IRS regulates how much we can spend per t-shirt so we need to keep the printing costs down.) t-shirt color: The color of the t-shirt is open, though since we used black last year, we want to avoid that this year. Neutral light-colored t-shirts (white, heather grey, light tan) are preferred. We will print on Gilden 100% Ultra Cotton Tees. (link to available t-shirt colors provided) We will select 4 designs to be promoted to our audience through our monthly e-newsletter, scheduled to be sent on April 15. Our members will have the final say! For your protection and copyright issues, the images will remain on the DesignContest server and DC will provide us with the direct URLs to the images for insertion into our online newsletter. Our final decision will be made by APRIL 30.

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  • Dear Ch, .. Now that I look closely, if you require only three colors ... then your new 50 anniversary art already has them. And even a couple more shades as I can tell. Many thanks in advance. Regards & success. -- jjy
  • btw: Can colors be shades of one same tint? That could give us some more chances.
  • Three colors? :-( Duh! Tucán's beauty -as you may already know- is based on the colorful peak and feathers :-( Well, I'll try my best in turning it as you have requested. Regards, -- jjy
  • #3.. Nice! It's not necessary to include our regular logo though. Just the 50th. Watch the number of colors too. We can only have three colors to keep printing costs down. :)
  • Fonts are open! They will be printed through.Custom I can't remember the exact process, but can make a call when they reopen tomorrow. :)
  • Also, one last question. These shirts will be screen printed?
  • Oh, i just checked and they are there. I know the ones there previously were the sample images. Also, the word amigo does it have to be a particular font. I may have a great look for you with a design. Love the humming bird image i must say.
  • Yes, DC uploaded the files a few hours ago. Are you not able to see them? (See brief)
  • Hello Tropic Gal.... When you are able to upload an eps file please let me know. It will just make things easier. Look forward to trying to make something up that you will enjoy.
  • #2 This was the winning image from 2011 (Contest held on Our members and staff loved it and still rave about it.
  • #1 This is the English version of our 50th logo (Designed on DesignContest.Com) :)
  • Sorry about that, I tried to submit them earlier but they didn't upload fully. Working with DC now to fix the problem.
  • Do you have the 50th logo in ai or eps file format. It would be helpful to have this.
  • The green tree frog has been used already in this contest
  • Ch, may i ask the mix of people who get these shirts? Is is mainly m. f and what is the average age?
  • TropicGal, Design #7 is my first concept for your 50th anniversary t-shirt. This design uses only 3 colors, as requested in your comment below and incorporates all of the elements requested in your brief. This design would look good on white or black t-shirts, depending on your personal preference. The word "Amigo" is the main feature of this design, but I also hand drew a Costa Rican tree frog to enhance the message of OTC. The colors used in this design are gender neutral as well as tropical. I also changed the colors in the 50th Anniversary logo to the same colors used in the primary graphic, in order to continue with the 3 color minimum. Sincerely, Marleighna Claunch
  • The 50th logo can be converted to one color. It can be whatever color you choose that makes sense in the design. I know, the toucan is beautiful and so colorful!
  • To ch about #11. I used a different layout of my first design.
  • To ch about #10. I have submitted my t-shirt design for your contest. I have combined some tropical elements to the text for AMIGO. I used that font for Amigo because it has a Tropical Hispanic feel to it. Hope you like it. Any feedback would be great. Thanks for your time.
  • I am sorry but i wasn't aware that we must use different animals. it is a different design with the same animal. if you have a look at the last year contest this CH had for the 2011 t-shirt there were different designs using the same animal and it was an identical contest for the same CH, i presume same rules apply.