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Winning design #66 by RenskeV, T-shirt Design for Membership T-Shirt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RenskeV

Project description

Our members (primarily environmental scientists) have the option of receiving a t-shirt as an appreciation gift for their annual membership donation. We have been designing t-shirts for over 30 years and the new shirt design is much anticipated each year. The most popular designs have included images which represent Costa Rica well, especially tropical animals -- hummingbirds, frogs, butterflies, insects.

Must haves: Our logo, the word "Amigo"
The 2010 design can be seen in the link below and I uploaded it as an example. This was designed by one of our alumni and very well received.

Other links provided:
Our website:
our flickr account:
Photo gallery:

Tips -- avoid pictures from the BioCursos program on the Flickr account. (These are excursions outside of our stations)

About our audience: Our members are intelligent and many are experts in their respective fields, so accuracy is key. (i.e. don't include an image of of a bird found in Nicaragua).

colors: Our official HEX colors are #7bc143, #fdbb30, #f26631 -- You do not have to use these colors, I'm only providing this as a matter of reference. Our logo can be changed to one color. The final design must be for the front of a t-shirt only and a limit of 3 colors. (The IRS regulates how much we can spend per t-shirt so we need to keep the printing costs down.) The color of the t-shirt is open, though since we used kelly green last year, we want to avoid that this year. We will print on Gilden 100% Ultra Cotton Tees. The available color choices can be found on the link below.

We will select 4 designs to be promoted to our audience through our monthly e-newsletter. Our members will have the final say! For your protection and copyright issues, the images will stay on the DesignContest server and DC will provide us with the direct URLs to the images for insertion into our online newsletter.

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  • nice!
  • Done! I make the frog more easier to see and put it into black shirt since you like a black. So, no suggest anymore?
  • Well, well, about #34 it was accident! I wrong the name when I upload that design. My bad.
  • just put a leaf..
  • One more comment on #34 -- there are no bears, elephants, rhinos or dolphins in the rainforests of Costa Rica. :) Sorry, but our scientists would have a field day with me.
  • I love all of the images, but we can only print on the center/front (see brief for reasons) This idea could be reworked into something cool though.
  • When I present the top choices to our membership for voting, we will probably want to include a few different animals. We'd love to see more options with lizards, ferns, the tree canopy, ants, even spiders.
  • Thanks!
  • Ok, I'll try! Thanks for the nice suggest.
  • We did something like this 2 years ago
  • I like the black!
  • Can the frog be a different color/shade so the outline of his foot is not lost?
  • Thanks for the change!
  • One more comment from the scientists-- yes, leaf cutter ants go into trees, but they are most often seen along the ground in a long line.
  • We need a more central image, but cool!
  • Cool!
  • I like the leaf cutter ants -- thanks! Can you make the leaves green?
  • Thanks for the color option!
  • Please move the image to a more central location
  • We need a central image