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Winning design #49 by Jera, T-shirt Design for Mighty Fighter Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jera

Project description

We are a boxing brand, and we need a t-shirt that features a mysterious male face wearing a head guard with face bar (as seen in the attached images) staring directly at you.

- Location, directly in the centre of the T-Shirt and covering a large area.

- The head guard should be slightly tilted downwards with the eyes staring slightly upwards at you (exactly like the boxer in the attached image).

- Since only the eyes are seen clearly (the nose is partly exposed for this type of head guard), they need to give a serious expression (exactly like the black boxer in the attached image). No need to draw the chin and head/hair.

- The face needs to have the same/similar colour complexion as the light skinned black male in the image.

- Make it as mysterious and serious as possible (exactly like the black boxer in the attached image). Make use of shadows to shade the open eye area IF it won't hinder print quality.

- The top centre of the head guard needs to have the words "BORN READY" on it, and just below the head guard, the word "BOXING" needs to be shown. The fonts needs to be simple but strong.

- The colour of the head guard should be silver/grey.

- The zip file contains the template for this t-shirt design.

Any questions, just ask. Many thanks.

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  • Hello @sokamonline, here is the revision for #46. Thanks! #49
  • My apologies, the font for "MIGHTYFIGHTER" is supposed to be Trajan Pro. Please change again. #46
  • Hello @sokamonline, Here is the revision for number #42. Thanks! #46
  • Thanks, make the design a bit more smaller and can you add "MIGHTYFIGHTER" in small print with the font Oswald at the bottom right corner of the t-shirt.

    MIGHTY (color code #0066CC)
    FIGHTER (color code #CC3333)

    Thanks. #42
  • Hello @sokamonline, Here is the revision for design #30. Thanks! #42
  • Please also remove the text "BOXING" from the design. #30
  • Dear @sokamonline, this is much more "STARING FROM THE BOTTOM". Hope you like this. Thanks #40
  • Dear Contest Holder @sokamonline, this one is much more "staring from the bottom". #39
  • Hi, we like this, can you make the font on the "BORN READY" font normal with no special effect. Also, make the whole design smaller (it's too big for the t-shirt). #30
  • dear contest holder please check my design hope you like it.. #38
  • Here is the colored version I made :) #34
  • Dear Contest Holder, @sokamonline . Here are my designs #18 #19 #20 #21. Please check them. I'd like to receive your feedback to improve my work. Thank you, Anna
    • @doriganna90 Thanks for your designs. Just a few changes: 1. Change the font to something a bit more simple and strong. 2. Have the eyes looking straight ahead (so he is staring at the person looking at him). 3. Can you make the entire design smaller on the t-shirt (it looks too big right now). Best Regards, Sam

    • Thanks for your feeedback @sokamonline. About #32, #33, I've made changes you asked. Hope you like it. Anna

  • Here is my new entry. Hope you like it. Thanks. I am open for suggestions. #30
  • About #28, Here is my design with a crack background. Thanks
  • About #29, Here is my design with the word boxing.
  • About #27, Here my design without the word boxing.
  • About #18, vecorialized image. You can resize it whenever you want.
  • Hi. I made new vector design #13
    • @vikifil The first design was much better. The man looks too angry, and the headgear is too thick.

  • Vector design 3-4 colors. All changes are possible. #11
    • @vikifil Hi Vikifil, thank you for your design. We like it, but please can you make the following changes as an alternative design: 1) Make the face staring straight forward. 2) Make the "born ready" font all uppercase. 3) Please show the design on a white t-shirt too. Many thanks and best regards, Sam