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Winning design #28 by sajad, T-shirt Design for Mobilise Cloud Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajad

Project description

I'd like a 'Geek Chic' t-shirt designed to support the Mobilise Cloud brand.

We specialise in moving customers from traditional IT services to Cloud Computing.  

The theme of the design could revolve around 'No Servers Allowed' or 'No More Servers', 'Ban the Servers' perhaps using some retro imagery like the classic 'No Ball Games' sign.

I like stencil artwork - a la Banksy.

The t-shirt should also have a Mobilise Logo (found at which can be incorporated as part of the design or just a discreet logo.


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  • About #117, @Markonije Thanks for the design. Please could you mock up on a t-shirt and make Mobilise a little smaller?
    • @james_rl_carnie Of course. Soon.

  • 3rd trying,,thank you #115
  • Respected,
    I'm working on a design.
    I hope you do not close the competition before the expiration date.
  • do you like it #114
  • HOW about this #113
  • two t-shirt mock up to show you how will the design look on both black/White colors tshirt ,,,


    Regards... #109
  • please give me feedback thank you #107
  • About #46, @Honeythief Please could you mock this up into a t-shirt? I want to put a vote out to staff and I'd like a level playing field. Thanks James
    • @james_rl_carnie I have just uploaded it mocked up on a t-shirt. Please let me know if I can do anything else.

  • T-shirt mockup as requested. It would be easy to change the colours for the sign, to allow this to stand out on a white t-shirt or any other colour you chose. #108
  • My new design.
    A girl step the cpu servers to reach out the clouds.

    Any feedback or revises are welcome!

    Harry #101
  • About #8, @jordanthb Is there any chance you could mock this design on a shirt? Thanks James
  • About #54, @Bohemian_art This would be much better if the Stop sign was a real one photo-shopped.
  • About #57, @Harisurya09 Thanks
  • About #57, @Harisurya09 Thanks
  • About #59, @salsadesigns
    Thanks - Appreciated. James
  • About #60, @weiesnbach
    Thanks for the design. It will go in the vote for staff to pick a winner. James
  • Same concept as before, cleaned up and reorganized but same message, "Clouds are fast".... #60
  • just more trying..thanks #59
  • 2nd trying..thanks #58
  • About #15, @Ahmadhanafiah

    Hi Thanks for your design - very much appreciated. I wonder if you could take a second look at the brief to see what I'm looking for.
    • @james_rl_carnie
      Thank you for your apprecition.
      I have all of your briefs. And i submiited a new design #29.