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Winning design #142 by gantaisan, T-shirt Design for Mother's Day community T-shirt contest Contest
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designed by gantaisan

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COMMUNITY CONTEST FOR MOTHER’S DAY T-SHIRT DESIGN T SHIRT DESIGN Mother's Day As you probably know, Mother's Day is all about honouring mothers and celebrating motherhood and all the influence mothers have on society. BRIEF Mother's Day is coming up. So we are asking our lovely designers to come up with their best designs for a Mother's Day t-shirt. The choice of how these t-shirts will look is completely yours. So go wild with your designs! Make them as original as you can and create a t-shirt your mother would be proud of. Have fun creating your design and create a design you would be proud to have your mother wear! No clipart will be allowed in this T-Shirt contest. We want to see YOUR creations not something made by someone else Prize for this community contest is designer rating points! Rating Points will be shared at among the top three favorites, as follows: GOLD - 3,000 SILVER - 1,000 BRONZE - 500

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  • hi! no you've deleted the right one #4 can stay hope you like!
  • Welcome back DesignKB! :) Which one should we delete? #4?
  • # please forget about this one: uploaded the wrong format : #3 is the one!
  • I really like how you say it all with just the image. Great work!
  • The support Designcontest boys, here's my proposal which bears the number #21, I hope you like. They have my full support, Happy day to all mothers from now.
  • Very Very cool designs so far! keep up the great work! One thing that is unique with this community contest is the designer points! even if you do not win you get designer points in this contest. I am rating EVERY entry!
  • Hi DC... #13 (unlucky for some)! 'mums cuddles are the best cuddles in the whole wide world'... can be changed to Mom for my american friends! Cheers, Liz ; )
  • dear ch my screen goes blank when I try to upload :(
  • dear ch, i've made some revised on #34, base from #23, make the letter's more easy to read, more easy to understand the massage image any feedback are welcome, thx
  • dear ccch, I have added the new design. entry#35. Please provide feedback so that i can make the way you need. thanks :)
  • dear ch.. i have a new entry for you.. its entry #31 and #36 .. hope you like this. :).. thanks for rating my 3rd entry.. :)
  • dear ch.. i have just submitted my 3rd design.. hope you will also like this design.. its entry #30.. a great thanks for rating my 2nd design.. :) may GOD bless you.. :)
  • dear ch.. hope you will like my 2nd entry design :) ... its entry #29.. thank you so much for rating my 1st design..:)
  • Great work so far! I can't to see more. You have unlimited entries so this mean more designers points for you, I will be rating EVERY entry. This is a great opportunity to practice on your T-shirt design skills. One thing to remember when designing T-shirts is the text, can you read the small text, how important is the text to the design, some fonts are harder to read than others. Some fonts might be pretty but do they relay the message, is the message readable? Just food for thought : )
  • dear ch.. please check my design #25,, it's my 1st time in tshirt designs.. hope you will like it.. :) i dedicate this work to all mothers in the world.. :)
  • Check out design #85 for all the new mommies in the world!!!
  • #119 I like the unique idea of downloaded love : ) very unique original idea fro a tshirt
  • Good one! I love it!
  • Great work everybody! I would like to point out with Tshirt design...if you use or have text it is important to be able to read the text. Some fonts are very pretty but not meant for Tshirt design. Something to keep in mind when you use fonts that have that "pretty" look.
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