Nebraska Home Appliance (Parts and Service)

I was really pleased with the designs and the levels of interactive feedback through the contest.

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Winning design #39 by THEREALIMME, T-shirt Design for Nebraska Home Appliance (Parts and Service) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by THEREALIMME

Project description

We need promotional t-shirts that advertise our company, specifically referencing our two locations, as one of them is brand new opening in May. We are looking for something kind of weird / quirky but not too offensive. The design must reference our two Omaha locations, at 310 South 72nd Street, and 11424 P Street. Ideally our phone number as well, design permitting. 402-399-0202
We're leaning toward kind of a vintage or retro aesthetic, but we're open to anything.

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  • Yes, that might be a good idea to move some of the info to the back of the shirt.
  • Are you open to doing print on front and back? My thinking is a nice design with your name on the front and then putting other information on the back. Please let me know.
  • We're leaning toward kind of a vintage or retro aesthetic, but we're open to anything.
  • Please use "saving lives from appliance breakdown since 1988", note the singular on appliance, and drop the word "been". That would be great!
  • about #7 would you like me to add "been saving lives from appliances breakdown since 1988" to the back design?
  • Just needs a spelling and grammar revision, change to "appliance" instead of "appliances" and change "brakedown" to "breakdown"
  • I love it, but can you do a revision without our logo on the front?
  • Perhaps make the phone number larger, style is good overall.
  • I like the large front text and style, not so much a fan of the wreath over the logo. I prefer your other design style.
  • Design style is good, we would rather have the appliance be something recognizable that we work on, like a washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, etc. I would prefer to see a backside with the shirt that has location info and a large logo.
  • I would like to see this with a backside, with location info, phone numbers, and the logo large on the back. Overall, I like the design.
  • Maybe match the red text to the red in the logo, change the line to "From Appliance Breakdown"
  • Our company name should surely be more prominent than whatever "Safe Home Appliance", and I'm not sure what the bird wings are about.
  • Too plain and we don't work on toasters
  • #15, This is my first entry. I have created this in a way so that the print will work well on a t-shirt. I did not add your phone number on the front as i wanted to keep the focus on the company and they symbol of saving lives. Please excuse spelling error in appliance on the second line. This can easily be corrected.
  • thanks for the feedback.. here is my revision including the back design.. thanks!
  • Ch, i have set up my images so that they will work on dark or white. White is always cheaper in terms of cost for both product and print. I will do a color separation of the design if my design is selected to save you some extra work. If you need anything further let me know. Good luck with the promotional shirts.
  • about #39 revise version of #31 with better scaling white on red works fine with screen printing or vinyl printing in fact a lot of collegeswith red as their school color have white on red tee designs
  • #36, i added the image from your logo to the back. Let me know if you want any changes. I removed the white background only because to much white is never a good thing on t-shirt printing and will take away from over all image. I can however add a smaller white circle if you wanted it included.
  • #34, image on red. I can add a machine or your logo to the back in place of the + sign. Let me know if you would like me to do this. My intentions are to keep the focus on the image and signs so i do not want to make it to busy however a machine or your logo may work.