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Looking for a watery ocean / sea design (there are no waves in the florida keys) to get across the idea that when you come ot the keys you immerse yourself in the blue water with the fish the sun, and birds. This could be more abstract than realistic depictions of wildlife. Color palatte is natural tropical with blues, greens, tans, maybe yellow? Possibly using a tag line to indicate what we do here for example - in, on, under the sea (waves, water) Do need to add - cheeca watersports, cheeca lodge, florida keys

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  • thanks for this participation - in the end the final thing has to be one of two things: 1. visually artistic and appealing wtih secondary lettering - intertwining nature themes/water/sun etc OR 2. somethign that I am not thinking of - like something super upscale that is beyond my imagination - clean and crips (see duffy design), super elegant in a sporty and salty kind of way (is there such a thing)? Thanks again!
  • can't use waterskiing - we don't offer it
  • Better! I am looking for more of a visually artistic shirt wtih the language as a secondary part of it. Imagining more of an intertwined banner across the shirt made up of 'watery' images wtih Cheeca Watersports, Cheeca Lodge, Florida Keys at bottom.. . . thanks!
  • best by far! more art than words. Can you make this or in the same vein the focus of the shirt and and make the words secondary?
  • Sure thing! I'm Out of the state right now an will have another posted by Sunday, truly sorry if that's to late but I have some ideas to WOW it up :-) thank hourly the feedback!
  • Am looking for a shirt representing a beach vacation - could even be surfy (though we don't have waves here): hibiscus flowers, palm fronds, ocean, sun, sprawling across the shirt even?
  • the resort website is - this should give a feel for the clientelle - fancy resort, high end customer who would be willing to buy a $45.00 tshirt. The resort has a logo but we contract to do the watersports - so want a seperate design. I am looking for more of an artisic element on a shirt, as opposed to a logo. The whole circle thing is too much like a logo for me.
  • like the clean and classy look of this can you make this more WOW?
  • need this to be more nature - clean design - upscale - less techy
  • The resort has a logo? Or some token that references the company?
  • see #2 comments. thank you.
  • right tropical idea but can you make it MORE - as in more WOW - as in some sort of design that exudes beauty, oceans, nature, . . . sprawling across the shirt even?
  • have to get rid of the jetski (we don't allow them on the property) Like the fact that this can be a unisex tee design though need for it to be 'prettier', more i would say that the art/graphics need to be featured primarily. "Cheeca" is not the main thrust of the shirt, rather - the response should be ' wow - cool shirt' that happens to say 'cheeca watersport, cheeca lodge florida keys on it.
  • Dear CH, #43 is my entry. I made a revised design. Please have a look. Thanks,
  • @CONTESTHOLDER, hope i understood your comments completely : 1. turned all the colors into blue's (personally i like it better with the red...) 2. you're asked about the t-shirt : front or back or etc.. that is up to you! designKB
  • My latest designs (#34 and #35). Both simple and more focused on the image. I hope you like.!!
  • okay - so this is actually a lot of what we had in mind -two things - 1)is it a pain to lighten this color scheme to keep it blues/greens/in various shades? and 2) where does this fit on a shirt? front? back? does it need to be sort of self contained ? wrapped wtih a one of those waves? maybe? thank you!
  • thanks for the revision
  • @CONTESTHOLDER, nice to hear you love this! so do i! removed the birds as you requested and played with the wave and text can do any font you like ofcourse designKB
  • Dear CH, #26 is my entry. I designed a sunny, fresh, refreshingly a resort paradise imagination and attractive color combination with your words highlighted in a best possible way. Thanks,