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This was my first experience with and I am very happy with my purchase. I had many amazing artists submit concept art for my t-shirt design. Each one better than the last. I'm completely satisfied with my t-shirt design and hope to use Design Contest again for my future business needs. Thank You so much!!!

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Winning design #120 by lizonil, T-shirt Design for Nevermore Creations Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

My company is Nevermore Creations. We specialize in custom reclaimed lumber carvings and furniture. Our best selling products are our Angel Wing carvings. My company logo is a Raven with a heart hanging from its mouth on a chain. I have a couple ideas in my head. 3-4 colors if possible.

1.  Possibly my logo on my left chest and on the back Large angel wings and my company website below.

 2.  Another idea was a Raven with a heart on a chain hanging from its mouth  (flying or standing).

3. Our company slogan is "Nature Started It, I Finished It." Maybe a tree with just a couple leaves still hanging like we kicked natures ass. lol  

These are just a few ideas I had but I'm open to whatever you Amazing artists can come up with. 

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  • how can be the same look #108 and #95?? that same designer with different account?? #108
    • @aweHH Two different accounts. Both are doing vector sketches of my Gabriel Angel Wings

    • @sales15 i see..looks like everybody can do the same..thanks

    • @aweHH aweHH I'm not using double account

    • @aweHH aweHH I'm not using double account

    • @aweHH lizonil look here country and my country

    • About #95, @aweHH If you look on the Contest Holders website you will see his work, we have redrawn some of his carved designs... that is why they look similar, but they are not exactly the same.  : )

  • If you need any changes to this design just let me know. Thank you #136
  • this real handmade not clipart from google..regards #134
  • my own style #123
  • there is your request hope you like #111
  • I like these wings. Can I see what this shirt would look like in an olive green or tan color? But keep the wings white with black outline #108
  • view all my sudmited u see all i change and feedback to me if any changes
  • thank u ch for rate me hope u really like
  • design on shirt #110
  • #107 this is vector draw hope you like and feedback
  • 107 this is vector draw hope you like and feedback
  • These look Great. ....Sorry I should of mentioned could you make the wings white with black outline on these examples? #98
  • I really like this design is there any way you could put under the large wings? Also I was playing around with the idea of putting black and white American flag on the right sleeve. Not sure how it would look but just curious. Also do you think I could see this shirt #35 and #21 (my favorites of yours so far) in an olive green shirt, pink woman shirt, and a tan/camel colored shirt? Im trying to get an idea of what they could look like in different colors. #35
    • About #35, @sales15 No problem leave it with me . 

  • could you incorporate my website. on the back of this shirt? Also maybe an American flag on the right sleeve and my company logo on the left? You do AMAZING Work! Im loving it. #21
    • About #21, @sales15 Yes of course. Thanks for your kind feedback : )

  • this is one of my favorites. Is there any way you can put a black and white american flag on the right sleeve? Also is there any way to make the wings look like they were a pencil drawing? (not sure if thats possible? #14
  • About #65, @nonoy Ch kindly check this one this is my new updates angles wings
  • hi contest holder good day to you please check my vector art design Angel Wing carvings. thanks

    nicholle #59
  • Hello see the design and give me your feedback. thanks #50