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Project description

Hello, all designers!

Nice works you have done already! As mentioned earlier, we apologize, that we did not warn you about using the Red Cross and Red Crescent logo on the designs.

It is simply NOT ALLOWED to play with them or especially use them in large, visible size. This kind of use is reserved only to “official use” in catastrophes and crises. The idea is, that we shall add the logo of the so called National Society (American Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross etc.) on the sleeve, or on the bottom of the mug etc. In a subtle way.

Please use your imagination in illustrations in other ways – how could you describe the work of Red Cross with pictures or forms. And take usage of graphic multiplicity of the principles.

Do not put our “Principles in Action” logo in a dominating way either.

And please note – T-shirt is only one item. We would like to see a design, that can be modified into other items as well.


Principles in Action is a project, that we started already in 2006. It is based on our continuous cooperation with the Finnish Red Cross since 1984. Within more than 20 years we had gathered a lot of experience in working together with a large charity organization – and we wanted to expand our activities also to other countries.
In that sense we started planning an international collection, that we could present to the headquarter of the Red Cross = International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies = IFRC. Through them we would present the collection also to the National Societies in each country.
For that purpose we decided to include the seven fundamental principles of Red Cross in “all” languages to the items, to give them a real spirit and flavor of Red Cross. To our surprise the Federation did not have these translations and so we had to collect them one by one from all the “exotic” countries. The most common and official languages were easy to get, but with Vietnam, Nepal, Guinea etc. it was not so simple. However, we did it and finalized our collection. We agreed on the cooperation with the Federation on 2006.
Since then we have sold these items to approximately 20 countries. The largest quantities have been to Finland, but we are still hoping to get new openings to new countries. It is not only Red Cross organizations themselves (staff, members, supporters), that w e sell these items to. We look also for corporate customers and retailers as well. When we sell to them, we include a royalty to the Red Cross – for the local Red Cross in the country where the deal is made.
Please look at our website to check the current collection.
Now we are looking for new ideas to refresh the image. You can use your imagination for illustrating the principles: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality , Indipendence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. Perhaps you have to look from pages to have the explanations for all these principles.

In addition to T-shirt design we would like to use the same visual design in mug, umbrella, shopping bag. You are free to suggest other product ideas.

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