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Winning design #78 by sullyman, T-shirt Design for New T-Shirt Design Contest
Gold Medal

Project description

The guys working in the field do hard, dangerous, dirty work. They are the ones that will be wearing these T-shirts. They're rough guys but take a lot of pride in their work. They like the design on the back and they want black shirts this time which hide the dirt the best. If you can come up with a design that reflects our business, quality work, and their toughness, you've got a winner. Have fun...good luck

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  • Wrench and bolt stand for working force and the stylized pipe connection suggest the company profile.
  • This would be the main design on the back of the shirt and the company logo could be on the front breast.
  • Revision of #19. I used a slightly tilted font to resemble the one in the logo. #22 with pipe wrenches and valve. Let me know if you want some revisions.
  • I decided to use a human figure instead of a slogan in my design. I chose to use clean lines to give it a more professional and powerful look. To the other designers please be original and don't take any elements of this and create something similar. Thank you. #16
  • The drops of fuel are optional, and I could change the "I" to "We" if you prefer.
  • - We Fuel Your _____ (Success, Business, Needs, etc.) - Fueled by _____ (Success, Efficiency, Know-how, Hard work or something similar) - Fueled by JEM Would you prefer any of these phrases?
  • Sorry for the delayed responses just figured out how to use the site.
  • Ditto
  • like the illustration idea. thats one wierd wrench though. Can you try again? and can you work in "Fueling System Specialists"
  • like the catch phrase idea. not too crazy about the font. shouldn't be using open flames around fuel
  • like the design font choice is kinda cool like the catch phrase idea but not to hip on the phrase itself. any other ideas?
  • I like the overall concept but the tank isn't the right piece of equipment. Can you make a dispenser work?
  • do
  • like the illustration idea but the wrench design doesn't work for me
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