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Winning design #65 by Esteban3109, T-shirt Design for No more Bullying! Contest
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designed by Esteban3109

Project description

October is National Bullying Prevention Month Designcontest invites you to create a T-Shirt design to support "stomp out bullying" We want this to be an original design, not copied from any source. Create a design you would or your friends, your children anyone would be proud to wear! Prevention of Bullying is becoming a world wide event as more people are becoming aware of the seriousness of Bullying and the ramifications! What is "Bullying"? Bullying at School School bullying refers to all types of bullying done on school property, whether it is peer-to-peer bullying, bullying of younger children by older children, or bullying in which a teacher is either a victim or a culprit. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly a third of all students aged 12 - 18 reported having been bullied at school some almost daily. This article gives a general background on school bullying. Bullying is serious. Bullying is different from playing around or peer conflict. It occurs when a student, or group of students, intentionally and repeatedly try to get power over or hurt another student. It happens in four main ways. Physical bullying, when a student uses physical force to hurt another student by hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking, taking a student’s belongings or stealing their money. Verbal bullying, when a student uses words or gestures to humiliate another student by threatening, taunting, intimidating, insulting, sarcasm, name-calling, teasing, slurs, graffiti, put-downs and ridicule. Relational bullying, when a student isolates another student from their peer group through leaving them out, gossiping, spreading rumors and scapegoating. Cyberbullying, when a student uses a cell-phone, text messages, e-mails, instant messaging, chats and social networking sites to bully another student in any of the ways described above. Some text ideas I thought might be nice to work with Together we can be bully free Stomp out Bullying Bully Free zone No Bullies allowed Bully Buster Or come up with something completely own your own, just make sure this is original and not a copy of something. Please limit colors to 4 some websites that will help inspire you This is a designcontest community contest This contest will have 3 paid cash winners Gold $150.00 Silver $75.00 Bronze $50.00

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  • jmarcus I do not understand your question, do you have a problem with how long the contest is?
  • October is Anti-Bullying month and there are still 13 days before the contest closes?
  • WOW! you all are doing great with contest. I will comment on the design after the contest has been up for about a week. I want to see what everyone submits without my input. What I like also are your stories, when you talk about this it put a meaning with the design, you know the design means something and that makes this contest very special! I will continue to rate all designs 30 points so NO ONE runs out of entries.
  • @squewheet... I love your designs, especially #19... very cool. Liz
  • I have done two versions of one design. With the design I was trying to do something different then just saying "Stop Bullying" or "anti-bullying". I was trying to go for a shirt design that would be really cool to wear and not cheesy to some kid that is wearing I came up with the design #18 & #19 which I thought fit what I was going for. This design is for all those kids that get made fun of and bullied at school or just anywhere. I know I have been bullied in school about my seizures......and I know that it's not fun. So keep your chin up and take a stand! And say "IT'S TIME!.........LOCKDOWN ANTI-BULLYING!!!" Squewheet
  • i´m sorry. it´s supposed to mean "it´s..." on the shirt
  • hi :) what do you think about my design #14 i hope you like it
  • lizonil I knew this would hit home with sooo many people! It is sad there has to be special days/weeks/months set aside for such horrid things some do to others. This helps bring awareness not only about the bullying but how to detect if bullying is happening, things to look for in a child that is being bullied (even adults)It is a world wide problem Remember this is a community contest so the comments are open to all to share and comment as long as everyone behaves and respects each other : )
  • I love this contest... very close to my heart. My 12 year old went through some very bad bullying last year. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with : )
  • Nice turn out already! I will rate every entry 30 points so no one runs out of entries. A couple of things to consider when designing this.... Design something you would be very proud to wear and stand up for the no bullying cause! I think we all have experienced this, seen this happen or know someone that has been bullied. Remember design something that you would be proud to wear! Good luck to all and can't wait to see more entries
  • My design #30 is meant to be wearable by both guys and girls. The gray will go well with fall sweaters for example a black hoodie for boys and burnt orange sweater for girls. I didn't put the date on it because perhaps it can be used next year? Let me know what you think of my direction on this. Thks!
  • About #31 & #32: I made this design for all the people who has been cyber bullied.....with this design I made two separate style's of the design one is distressed and the other isn't. I hope you all like and this is a great contest. Squewheet
  • @lizonil.....Thanks you have made a great design also. I thought I would make a distressed version of the design since alot of shirts now days are having that style of design on them.
  • Dear CCCH, My design #54 is respectfully submitted for your review. With this design, I hope to send the message that working together and having respect for one another are the foundations for eradicating bullying. Thank you for your consideration. - Windflower
  • Hi CH, this is my entry #48...sends out the message clear: Know your right, make a stand...together U and I can STOP this senseless aggression. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my design. Thank you. Chuitron
  • HELLO!! please check my design #45 .. you'll love it! I used only black and yellow so its easier and cheaper to reproduce.. it also illustrates the action of stomping out bulling and abuse. The typography is highly readable and perfect for a young target group. see ya!
  • Hello, we have focused our concept on the respect for the differences. #42 Our priority target wanted to be the teenagers because, even if the bullying is an act not directly related to a specific age, teenagers are the ones that more get involved in this kind of acts and so we have developed a design with a "casual" look, wearable in different situations without looking too provocative. For our concept we have used essentially typefaces writing the words me and you. The two words have been cutted in half horizontally and assembled together creating an iconic funny face. The message behind it is that everybody can be victim of as me... Together: bully-free.
  • Hello CCCH. Gotta love the direction this contest is going in. Just wondering a bit if my design #60 is too much. I can make a more age-appopriate version for kids. The reason why I went with such a "brutal" way was because bullying is more than just teasing. It can ruin the lives of many and we need to treat bullying as almost criminality. People need to know how dangerous and serious bullying is. So was my design too rough? Should I lessen the violent tone? Best regards, Calibrate
  • Ahoy there CH, I just submitted my design #58 , so if you could check it out and tell me if you like it or if there's any alternations that you would like to be done to it that would be awesome! Thanks again, it's an honor to design a shirt for such a great cause. Cheers, Steven5R