Off Road Motorcycle Group needs Cool Design

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Winning design #39 by nn4s, T-shirt Design for Off Road Motorcycle Group needs Cool Design Contest
Gold Medal


  • #1 more colors available if you'd like
  • i tried to make my shirt look like a dirt bike jersey, and sort of succeeded.
  • #4 i dont think thats a very appropriate spot for the mud. lol
  • #5
  • Hi CH and everyone, this is my 1st contest at DC. Hope you like my t-shirt, every comments are welcome :D!
  • #14 is revised of #1
  • Hi ch, Thanks for the #4 review, I've submitted my latest design, I hope #11 can stand out and speak out alittle bit louder and represent your event. If u have more request please tell again if u don't mind. Rg
  • thank you for your feed back, I am doing a new design for you.
  • Dear CH, thank you for your comment. sure i will provide the details. any spesific request for t-shirt color, or just black? thank you.
  • thanks to all for submitting. I am excited about selecting a winner!
  • Really cool idea/concept. Any way to make the shirt pop more with details or colors?
  • cool that you have mountains in the background but i don't like having a square/rectangle.
  • Cool that you have mountains in the background but i dont like having a square/rectangle.
  • I don't really like the CDBB but the design is cool. Anything you can do to add some color/pop to the bikerider?
  • I like the concept. The bike and rider aren't really clear or detailed enough.
  • I like the direction. Since several people will be wearing same shirt, i would like to eliminate the number 4. Also, can you provide any detail or color to the bike & rider?
  • Hi CH, i send my first submission. do you like to have design on the back of the t-shirt too? any spesific t-shirt color? please comment :) thank you!
  • #58 the coolest design i ever made, with three different tshirt colors,. so choose the best,. hope will like it,.this also includes only 4 colors.
  • Hello CH # 57 is a revamp of 43 hope you like this one better..
  • #53 new