Offshore Insanity

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Project description

I'm looking for an original t-shirt design primarily for saltwater fisherman. I'm setting up a website/blog with offshore fishing reports, fishing tackle/equipment reviews, fishing tips and fishing destination recommendations.

We are obsessed with saltwater fishing and so is our target audience. Thinking of a fun, animated type design with a sportfishing boat and a gamefish (marlin, tuna, wahoo, etc.) maybe hooked up to a lure?

I have attached examples of what I have in mind but I am open to new ideas!

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  • Please try with a different type of fish, more colors #10
    • @eturnerjr will do i'll use wahoo for the next design thanks for the feedback

    • @rezaray Are you going to submit another design?

    • @eturnerjr the contest already expired, i can't submit any design at this point

    • @eturnerjr the contest already expired, at this point designer cannot upload a design

    • @eturnerjr the contest already expired, at this point designer cannot upload a design

  • Maybe with multiple fish and more color. #7
  • Better but looking for more colors and multiple fish #8
  • I apologize if I'm not being clear about what I want. I don't know how else to explain. Colorful , original. I've added a few more examples of the general style I have in mind. Some combination of these examples?
  • What I am looking for is something really attention-grabbing! Colorful and over-the-top. Pissed-off fish, wild action, unusual and outlandish. I'll add a few more examples of what I'm leaning towards.
  • A little better. Still not what I want #5
  • Maybe something like a Marlin spearing a boat??...Wahoo are known to be very aggressive and have been known to jump into boats while following a lure or bait. The fish maybe more like the marlin in the "Black n Blue" example?
  • offshore insanity 2 #4
  • Good. More animated/action. More emphasis on the "insane".. #1
  • Too plain. Looking for more action #2
  • offshore insanity #2