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Winning design #11 by stormyfuego, T-shirt Design for OKTOBERFEST LEDERHOSEN T-SHIRT DESIGN NEEDED Contest
Gold Medal

designed by stormyfuego

Project description

Oktoberfest is all about German beer right? As with many beer festivals, dressing up is part of the fun. We are looking for a unique but classic front and back t-shirt design design so our customers can wear a great lederhosen (the traditional German leather pant) shirt to their favorite Oktoberfest party. Design ideas - 1. http://www.oktoberfesthaus.com/product/LEDER-TSHIRT/Lederhosen-Oktoberfest-T-Shirt.html is our current shirt, but we prefer brown lederhosen and a little more detail 2. http://www.bavariashop.com/Octoberfest/T-Shirt_Lederhose.html - Nice, but design cannot wrap around the shirt for production reasons. 3. http://www.partyole.at/popup_image/pID/566 4. Google image search "lederhosen t-shirt" We want an "OktoberfestHaus.com" mention somewhere (likely lower left hand side) for marketing, etc. If you need more inspiration, have an Oktoberfest beer.

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  • Front Design
  • Back Design
  • Under 4 would be ideal, but an amazing design at 6 sells for more....
  • @clicktoshop - how many colors can we use ?
  • definitely the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing
  • #4 front design. #8 back design. Website address used on both sides.
  • #6 Front view and #7 is Back view
  • #27 is front, #26 is back, #28 is the zoom size of front details. THX
  • It the same design of #17 but with texture that give more personality
  • #31 - sorry about the placement of the design i don't know how that happened.
  • Congrats on 2nd! If you are willing to accept my 2nd place prize amount, please remove the suds and add OktoberfestHaus.com to the back just underneath the design in a small font (Gothic 32 extended). Thank you!
  • Congrats on winning! Please add OktoberfestHaus.com under the left leg in Gothic 32 Extended. Can you please do so on the front and back?
  • About #11 Thank you for choosing my design.I uploaded the final files with the additional changes you requested.Please let me know if everything is ok. Congrats to the 2nd place Ikpryand0000m :) Thanks