it was wonderful experience for me, thanks so much for everybody, it was fast and interesting work!!!!!!

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Winning design #104 by RuiAlmeidaDesign5, T-shirt Design for ООО РОЗА ВЕТРОВ Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RuiAlmeidaDesign5

Project description

Hello, i need the comic version of  label   of our hotel  www.roza-vetrov.com . We need t-shirt very very comic and funny which includes any animal you want that doing something  at a hotel, he can sleep or stay near the reception - anything  you want to draw, but people who see our t-shirt must understand that we advertise  THE HOTEL !!! You can use any animal you want , any action you want but it must be very funny!!! In front of this picture- the name of our hotel "Роза Ветров" which can be written with funny font , t-shirt must be very colorful and bright, at the top of our site you can see the name of our hotel. PLEASE, DONT DROW PICTURE FOR THE CHILDREN, I  NEED FUNNY T-SHIRT FOR THE ADULT!!!   I want something like sant2 picture 51, larionov picture 19, twistedpiston picture 39,, TCMdesign 40, amandaz picture 8

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  • This is just a sketch. I found the contest too late and didn't have enough time. If you like the design I can finish it.
    The idea of this design is an artic fox who stays at the hotel enjoying the place and he is thinking "this should be my natural habitat". #122
  • Hi there @danilova_u_o..this my purpose design for your t shirt..hope you like it..and can't wait for your comment..thanks #120
  • little diferent form last, i add the "light"of the star..
    feedback please.. #111
  • how about this? i try to change the font and add some details there.
    give me feedback, please. :D #110
  • #105 we will use only white t- shirt that's why I need bright colours #105
  • #105 much better, but the picture is still monochromic , can you use more contrast colours and use not so dark Brown, the rest is good!! #105
  • i change the type to "отель в архипо-осиповке".. still trying to impress you,. #102
  • Trying somethings new #100
  • My own design word of "Po3a Betpob" #99
  • #67 i think this is the best, you cant understand me)))) you have a mistake in the title , you need to wright exactly like this отель в архипо-осиповке #67
  • #94 everything is fine but we really want this picture without any clear borders , i will show you the link where there is no certen borders like square or circle
    https://www.designcontest.com/t-shirt-design/entek/entry/19/ #94
  • # 90 I think this picture and picture 89 is one of the best in this project, I don't know what to add, may be some design moments ?? Or not, may be colour. In common I want to see this picture on our t - shirts)))))) one moment- you have one mistake in the word - осипоВка, in Russian language big and small is written the same)) #90
  • 4rd Font #88
  • Third Font #87
  • Second Font #86
  • First Font #85
  • #81 very nice, can you join this picture( only picture ) with circuit of picture 34, 44- on these pictures I like the design of vertical and horizontal lines and font, but I want these lines to be not black but may be gray, And add below архипо- Осиповка , I need only white and gray t- shirt and also four colour #81
  • #63 can you draw this in four colours and I need the cloud smaller and in circuit #63
    • About #63, @danilova_u_o yeah sure, no problem.

  • #76i think this is s best picture, I need the last thing just to try 2-3 font in red colour also, the rest is perfect!!! #76
    • About #76, @danilova_u_o Noted. Thanks!

  • sorry for my last design that i submitted, i really cant understand clearly what do you want.. but now i make the animal similar to animal. any feedback? hope now im on the track. :D #79