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Winning design #7 by Meow, T-shirt Design for Organization for Tropical Studies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Meow

Project description

We need a t shirt designed for our members. Please read all of the parameters: use of specific colors in our logo, the maximum number of colors is three and any design depicting a tropical bird, mammal or plant must be accurate. Our audience consists of tropical biologists and they will know if it is incorrect. The design can not include sleeve elements or wrap-a-round designs - sorry! Project description Audience: Our members (primarily environmental scientists) have the option of receiving a t-shirt as an appreciation gift for their annual membership donation. We have been designing t-shirts for over 30 years and the new shirt design is much anticipated each year. The most popular designs have included images which represent Costa Rica well, especially tropical animals -- hummingbirds, frogs, butterflies, insects. Our members are intelligent and many are experts in their respective fields, so accuracy is key. (i.e. don't include an image of of a bird found in Nicaragua). Must haves: Our logo, the word "Amigo" (PLEASE ONLY USE the ENGLISH LOGO) Our website: our flickr account: Photo gallery: Tips -- avoid pictures from the BioCursos program on the Flickr account. (These are excursions outside of our stations) Design colors: Our official HEX colors are #7bc143, #fdbb30, #f26631 -- You do not have to use these colors, I'm only providing this as a matter of reference. Our logo can be changed to one color. The final design must be for the front of a t-shirt only and a limit of 3 colors. (The IRS regulates how much we can spend per t-shirt so we need to keep the printing costs down.) t-shirt color: The color of the t-shirt is open, though neutral light-colored t-shirts (white, heather grey, light tan) are preferred. We will print on Gilden 100% Ultra Cotton Tees. We will select 4 designs to be promoted to our audience through our monthly e-newsletter, scheduled to be sent on April 15. Our members will have the final say! For your protection and copyright issues, the images will remain on the DesignContest server and DC will provide us with the direct URLs to the images for insertion into our online newsletter. Our final decision will be made by May 10.

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  • My entries are #4, #5, #6, #7, #9. I've designed different variations either on color or style. Tell me if you want a design with a particular animal. #9 is a Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan.
    • The designs are great! Can I see something in a sloth?

    • That's great. Can I ask what design you liked so I can design in the right direction?

    • I like 7 for its whimsy, It really seems to flow.



    • realizing I don't have the design sense you do, I thought the smiling and/or hugging sloths went along with the "Amigo" theme. Thank you so much.

  • CH Please see #12 and give feedback. Is it correct Thank you
    • I think it's great! Thank you!

    • Hello CH Please give feedback ratings on the designs so we realize what style you like :)

  • I like the design, how about some color?
    • Its all about the lower printing price. OK i`ll add some colors . Thanks!

    • I appreciate that, we certainly are on a budget. We have a 3 color maximum.

    • I am really sorry, but it`s hard to combine only 3 colors in that kind of design of t-shirt. That my last try, because the rules of the site. I`ll be glad if you like it.

  • A little busy with both frogs and very similar to last years winner. Thank you.
    • Okay, thanks for the comment. I will try something else then.

  • Hi! What about #3 ? suggestions and/or comments thanks
  • Dear CH Please check design #11 and advise Would you like variations of the design Thank you
    • I love it! Think we could get the logo on the bottom?

    • Yes I will do it Would you like the amigo to be a little bolder and the image a little smaller Thank you

    • I like the "Amigo" size and position, but maybe the logo and name a little smaller and on the bottom.

  • I do like the design, however we have a 3 color limit. Maybe a little more definition to the picture as well.
    • Hi! thanks for the feedback.I've designed different variations, I hope you like it.

  • I like it! Can I see some color options?
  • I really liked the idea behind this. Unfortunately, I was one of the few that could distinguish what it was. Could you try again with a clearer design?
    • How's #26? And what kind of font/typeface do you like? Script/Handwritten?

    • It's great! I think the font fits well.

  • Sorry, no design elements can be on the back of the shirt.
    • Alright, Do you think the main design is something that you want? I can make some changes and for sure take out the elements on the back

    • A little more detail would be great.

  • We liked this a lot but would like to see the use of some brighter, more species specific color.
  • Sorry, there are no Chameleons in Costa Rica
  • ciao, ti leggo solo ora, scusa sono stato impegnato...mi riassumi un po il tutto? o è tardi?
    • Non è tardi. Abbiamo esteso il concorso.

  • Not sure if the eyelash viper is really the style you guys want but let me know what you think. #39
  • I love the iguana idea, suggestion from my coworkers was maybe one without the rock.
    • I've reposted the iguana with the suggested changes #35 . Thanks!

  • I love this! One suggestion I got when showing this to colleagues was that perhaps the logo line could be the single line version and a little closer to the graphic.
  • I am eliminating only because of the three color rule and due to there being two submissions on one entry. Please resubmit.
  • I really like this. Can you change the logo from green to blue so that we keep within the 3 color rule? I can't submit a graphic with more than 2 colors. Also, we need each submission done separately. Lastly the graphic on the left which I prefer has a bit of a cut and paste square background. Can you eliminate that?
  • Hello, can you please give me feedback on #30 and #31 ? Thanks!
    • Hi, about #31 , do you have any suggestions? What can I do to improve it? Maybe a different font or colour scheme?

  • .............non fa niente...alla prossima,,,buona fortuna..................