OTS 2016 Membership T-Shirt

Cole was great! Attentive, accommodating, and most of all captured the essence of what it means to be an OTS Amigo! :)

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Winning design #5 by ColeFenters, T-shirt Design for OTS 2016 Membership T-Shirt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ColeFenters

Project description

We need a t-shirt designed for our members. Please read all of the parameters: use of specific colors in our logo, the maximum number of colors is three and any design depicting a tropical bird, mammal or plant must be accurate. Our audience consists of tropical biologists and they will know if it is incorrect. The design can not include sleeve elements or wrap-a-round designs - sorry!

Audience: Our members (primarily environmental scientists) have the option of receiving a t-shirt as an appreciation gift for their annual membership donation. We have been designing t-shirts for over 30 years and the new shirt design is much anticipated each year. The most popular designs have included images which represent Costa Rica well, especially tropical animals -- hummingbirds, frogs, butterflies, insects. Our members are intelligent and many are experts in their respective fields, so accuracy is key. (i.e. don't include an image of of a bird found in Nicaragua). Must haves: Our logo, the word "Amigo" (PLEASE ONLY USE the ENGLISH LOGO) 

Our website: www.tropicalstudies.org
our flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ots-oet
Photo gallery: http://www.esintro.co.cr/laselva_photo_gallery.shtml 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ots.oet

Tips -- avoid pictures from the BioCursos program on the Flickr account. (These are excursions outside of our stations)

Design colors: Our official HEX colors are #7bc143, #fdbb30, #f26631 -- You do not have to use these colors, I'm only providing this as a matter of reference. Our logo can be changed to one color. The final design must be for the front of a t-shirt only and a limit of 3 colors. (The IRS regulates how much we can spend per t-shirt so we need to keep the printing costs down.) t-shirt color: The color of the t-shirt is black. We will print on Gilden 100% Ultra Cotton Tees. We will select 3 designs to be promoted to our audience through our monthly e-newsletter, scheduled to be sent on May 16. Our members will have the final say! For your protection and copyright issues, the images will remain on the DesignContest server and DC will provide us with the direct URLs to the images for insertion into our online newsletter. Our final decision will be made by May 31.

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  • Hello! I hope you like it! I chose a keel-billed toucan as my inspiration! #3
    • @Devynrenee Thank you! We will be choosing our top 3 once the contest has ended. We will then present the top choices to our friends and they will rate their top choice. Stay tuned!

  • eyes in the text Amigo #11
  • Hi there - thanks for your entries so far! We will be closing the contest soon, and will provide feedback on our top 3 choices. We then take the top 3 and ask our friends what their favorite is! Stay tuned.
  • Hi there TropicGal, this is Admin Sharie. Do you allow clipart? art found on stock sites that you would have to buy the rights to use? Please let designers know if this is allowed

    thank you
    • @sharie No worries, the clipart is my, I'm the author

    • @gepardard NO this is not your clipart it is found here http://es.dreamstime.com/imagen-de-archivo-libre-de-regal%C3%ADas-%C3%A1frica-en-camuflaje-de-la-cebra-del-arco-iris-image35212626 changing the color doesn't make it your work. So I have to ask the client if the client wants clipart used or stock art. The client will have to buy the rights to use this art if the art allows this use. So the question is asked...is the shirt being resold to the members and or public/ Will the design be copyrighted So don't try to pull a fast one here and say this is your art!

    • @sharie Check your facts first. This graphic I have in several versions. Black and white is here: http://www.canstockphoto.com/images-photos/zebra.html#file_view.php?id=11831649

    • @gepardard If this is your design then remove from the stock site! you can't sell a design to a client here and still sell it on another stock site, your link proves in NO way that you own stock art, if this is your remove the art from other site, if not removed I will remove this entry form the contest with infractions

    • @gepardard please email when you have this image removed from that stock site shariev@designcontest.com

    • @sharie It's my portfolio. I did not give anybody exclusive rights. I'm a the author. Losing interest. If you so much hampered, so I delete it. It is a pity.

    • @gepardard do you not understand the problem? you are selling a design to a client here along with selling same design to other people... do you not see this problem, you will not be able to transfer over copyrights in finalization and that will be required. Please explain how fair this is to the contestholder here? So it is your choice, the entry stays here or on that stock site... your choice

    • @sharie Alright. How to remove it? I can not do that..

    • @gepardard I removed it, you have some great art here, if you create something original that you can sign over the copyrights and not selling other sites then please submit

    • @sharie We would like these to be original works of design.

    • 7AW

      @TropicGal What printing method do you use?

    • @ngontesdc We use CustomInk to print on 100% Cotton T-shirts.

  • Map of Africa in zebra camouflage #9
  • text in camouflage wildlife animals #8
  • Here I have used a jaguar and this design only uses 1 color!! Enjoy! #4