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Winning design #108 by GJR, T-shirt Design for Outdoors T Shirt Contest
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designed by GJR

Project description

Hi, my company is Dobinsons Spring and suspension and we manufacture coil springs, leaf springs and shock absorbers for offroad 4x4's.  WE also supply a lot of other suspension components to lift the vehicles up, and out fit them, such as front bars, racks, LED lights and other 4x4 accesssories.  WE are very much into the 4x4 scene with outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping, have beers at the mates and general outdoors stuff. This is what i am looking for.  See pictures which are attached of other shirts we like. WE are looking for a surfy type shirt, which has some artistic type logo/image on the back dipicting some of the above scenes.  We have a few things we could include in the logo/image, like "Fourby's and Fishing" with a picture of a 4x4 at the beach with some fishing rods in the water and maybe some beers on the beach etc.  If you look at the black swell (lost paradise logo/outline image thing), this would be similar to what i'm after type thing with the Dobinsons logo below it.  OR anything of the other shirts i have attached which i like.  The idea is simple images/outline images (not a full image in photoshop).  Other sayings we could include are "Bogged in the Backtracks" (bogged being stuck, unable to get out of the mud). "Lifted Life", (lifted being the 4x4 lifted up high), "Bogged at the beach", "Bush to beach", "Beers and Backtracks", "Fishing out Fourby's".  All of these could depict a simple scene or feel free to think outside of the box.  But it must include the dobinsons logo.  We are looking for 3 or 4 designs to make a few different colour shirts with the different designs.    Let me know if there are any other questions.

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