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Easy to use and great results! Our designer of choice (JonyaD) was a pleasure to deal with and designed a piece well beyond our expectations. We are very happy with the experience and will not hesitate to recommend it to others. Cheers and thanks!

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Winning design #4 by JonyaD, T-shirt Design for PEETZ Outdoors | Handcrafted Wooden Fishing Reels | Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JonyaD

Project description

Project Name: PEETZ Outdoors | Handcrafted Wooden Fishing Reels | 1940’s Classic Style T-shirts

Task Description: We are looking to create a 1940’s classic style artwork t-shirt, featuring our handcrafted wooden fishing reels and a humorous tagline, and a t-shirt front chest badge. The shirts should have a large main image on the back, and a smaller badge on the front top left chest area. 

Note: Initial focus should be on concept #1 in the attached examples, but we are open to any of the four design concepts provided. 

  • Concept #1 should use the following message on the tshirt back “Happiness is... palming your wood in the great outdoors!” designed around a 1940’s classic style man palming peetz reel either with no background or fishing off the back of a boat (art direction example to be provided)

  • The chest badge should incorporate the PEETZ logo, a 1940’s stylized version of our reel, and the following text “wood reels since 1925” (art direction example to be provided)

Colors: 3-4 colours based on the photos provided

We will provide images of the wooden reel, photos of people “palming” the reel while fishing, our logo in vector format, and some examples of the style of artwork/design we are looking for. (NOTE: it is important that you capture the correct way the reel is “palmed” in your artwork. Please use the reel palming photo example provided for direction and inspiration.)

Note: This is our first project of many as we would like to have more t-shirt designs created once we find the right artist/designer.

Important: All final artwork should be in VECTOR format

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  • I would like to submit if the contest is still open
  • Hi Jonya, Thank you for turning the changes around so quickly. Would it be possible to see a version with the reel on the front colored the same way as on the back? (don't get rid of the existing front reel version as we still may go with that one) Fantastic work! #3
  • Can you replace the stars with maple leafs similar to the ones provided in the brief concept 3# ? #2
  • Please place "Est. 1925" in the negative space just below the reel in 50% smaller font size. Maybe split the text and have "Est." on the left hand side and "1925" on the right hand side. #2
  • Please replace Est. 1925 with VICTORIA BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA as shown in the design brief concept #3 using the maple leafs as bullets. #2
  • Please adjust her hands so that it looks as if she is holding the reel. Thanks =) #2
  • Can you replace the stars with maple leafs similar to the ones provided in the brief concept 3# ? #2
  • Thank you for your entry. This is fantastic work! More comments to come... #2
  • Greetings, this is a draft for the front badge. Looking forward to hear from you #1
    • @DiogoCabral7 Hi Diogo, You are definitely headed in the right direction. I would remove the reel base so that it is just the round reel.

  • Hi Kevin, I'm just starting to work on your project. As you suggested 3 concepts for the back t-shirt design, I was wondering if you had one that most speaks to you... For me, I like the one with the women best (it is humurous and helps relating to people better). I'll send you the front badge in a while and wait for your reply
    Best Regards
    • @DiogoCabral7 Hi Diogo, I agree with you, the one with the woman is a good choice. We provided the four concepts to offer some variety to work with, and to see which concepts resonate with the designers.