Perpetual Energy Inc. United Way Campaign 2011

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Winning design #70 by Squewheet, T-shirt Design for Perpetual Energy Inc. United Way Campaign 2011 Contest
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designed by Squewheet

Project description

We are looking for a logo to use on T Shirts for our company’s internal United Way Campaign. We want a fun, trendy, cool t shirt for all of our staff to wear when out in the community volunteering with United Way. The T-Shirts will unite us as a group visually and also work to unite us as a group internally and work as a kind of "Perpetual Team Jersey".

The logo should be something that shows the relationship between Perpetual Energy Inc. and the United Way and also work on vintage style t shirts. The logo should be hip and trendy without being too wild or crazy. We want this to be a shirt that people would wear to work on Casual Friday with Jeans.

We don't have any specific requirements for colour, style, size etc....

Thanks so much in advance for your submissions! Claire and the Perpetual Energy Inc. United Way Committee

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  • Will there be a logo of United Way placed along side the Perpetual Energy artwork? If so, what text information will Uninted Way Campaign include?
  • The arrows in both #4 and #1 are used to create artistic direction and show the flow of energy. In #4 I used a vibrant green and a bold font (Impact) to convey contrast with the "Perpetual Energy" colors purple and black. Also, the bright green in #4 is visually an energetic color, that will apeal to the younger demographic you requested to attract.
  • Going for a vintage feel for the shirts you have planned. This basic design is flexible enough that the color scheme can be altered and the wording changed without altering the overall feel. Thanks!
  • I'm unclear as to the specific words we need to encorporate into the graphic. Do you want the existing Perpetual Energy and United Way logos fit into the design? If so would you be able to privide downloadable files? Or are you simply looking for a graphic symbol without text? Thanks!
  • #35 Is my newest design. I tried to go with that more vintage feel. And I added some more modern style design concepts in there to make it appeal more towards the younger generation. Hope you like.
  • About #32 I think the simplicity of my design will appeal to a younger audience, and it's tasteful enough for casual Friday attire. I chose to leave Perpetual Energy small, because the focus of your campaign is United Way. I did however reference your company by using your signature color, set against a gray t-shirt. Thanks!
  • For #28 I added "Inc." to your company name and added "Campaign" to "United Way". Also, the year "2011" is now changed to purple instead of black; much bolder I think. Thanks for all your feedback! :)
  • Here's the de-cluttered version lol #26, with less arrows for a better read; compared to #21. Great feedback!! Please let me know if I can tweak anything else, mkae? :D
  • dear CH here's my first logo proposal vintage style thanks, Carolina Hdz
  • Thank you for the positive feedback! #22 & #23 included a couple color and font variations as requested. Please let me know if you want to see any changes or variations. Thanks!
  • Can you try changing the The United Way Campaign Font to something different which will still have a vintage feel?
  • Thanks! This is alot better. Can you de-clutter a little bit? Maybe make the wording a bit cleaner with less arrows and such in front or around. thanks!
  • Can you try to lighten up the background a little bit. This would be great on a black shirt but I doubt we will use a black one.
  • Love this design. You captured the idea perfectly! Can you try it with a different colour scheme just to give us some more options?
  • Here is the updated version #21 with grey and black, compared to #4 using the yellow. Also, I included "United Way" in the new version as you requested. I agree, grey looks much better than the yellow color. Any other request or suggestions? :)
  • entry is a modern, symbolic of the person helping with energy, hope, suggestions and comments.
  • The way that you have included both entities is great however I am not sure what the yellow flame in the middle represents. Is there anyway you could use something else such as a modification of our own logo or the united way's logo?
  • Could you replace the yellow with another colour? Grey Perhaps? And somehow include "United Way" in the design. thanks!
  • Can you please remove the comma after Energy. We really love this design though! thanks!
  • #17 #18 The two lines which signifies arms extending, shows the relationship between Perpetual Energy in purple and United Way in red. I can put some vintage texture on the images, but I would like you to first see it in clean lines..