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Winning design #43 by Kash786, T-shirt Design for Pixie Supply Co  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kash786

Project description

I sell tshirts and wire floral mouse ears on Etsy to wear in theme parks. I am wanting a tshirt with a vintage style design of a Florida postcard. I would like for it to say “Greetings from Florida” or something similar and include orange groves and the orange bird from some of the pictures attached. I would also like to have several groups of 3 oranges clustered together that form “hidden Mickeys” shapes. I would like to incorporate oranges, greens, yellows, and soft blues and for the shirt to have a vintage look. I really like the texture of the picture with the orange bird and the blue/purple flowers. 

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  • Bottom one which you selected. Thank you. Hope you like working with me. You can feel free to contact me on my email. #43
  • Welcome, you are satisfied that what I needed. Thank you.
  • Added orange blossom orange like in original color of the sunshine state change to Florida like top. Hope you like this. #42
  • The bottom one is perfect! Thank you so much. #41
  • Hope you like this. #41
  • This is the one I definitely want to go with instead of the one with the two trees. Final changes:

    Get rid of the hidden Mickey in the left corner and have just one orange like you originally had.

    Change colors of “the sunshine state” to match the big “Florida” to get rid of that red-orange color #39
    • @pixiesupplyco A couple more orange blossoms near the random oranges on the left might be cute too

  • Also, it might look more natural if there is another tree to the left of the bird so it looks like he’s walking through an orange grove. The tree could look similar to the one already there but much smaller #38
    • @pixiesupplyco I don’t think we need the tree. Disregard this!

  • Trying to incorporate your suggestion asap. Hope you like it. #40
  • You are wonderful and you’ve been so patient with me! Thank you! One more thing. For “The Sunshine State” part can I see the colors match the big “Florida” up top so it isn’t as red look toward the end? And could I see what it would look like without the hidden Mickey in the corner (how you originally had it)? #39
  • This is great! Can we make the bird a little smaller though so he looks like he’s walking off in the distance a little? #38
  • Hope you like this. Thank you. #39
  • Thank for your feedback. I tried to incorporate you feedback and suggestion hope you like it. Thank you. #38
  • About #31, @Kash786 sorry saw your comment now
  • this one be a small hidden Mickey #31
  • I do believe that every brand that have the intention to be big is by letting their consumers and people to easily recognize their design easily. Too much element in a design is a big no for me. Thus, i have come with this design. Thank you. #37
  • Thank you so much for entering! This is very cute! At the top however, eliminate the first "Florida" so that it doesn't say "Florida" twice. #28
  • Thank you so much for entering! I like the look of the design, but I am not loving outside edges of the postcard. I also would like the color of the orange bird to match the other oranges. #32
  • Hi there! Thank you for entering! While I do like the simplicity of the design, it is missing major elements that I was hoping for: the oranges, hidden Mickeys, and the orange bird. #33
  • See design #35 for comments! #34
  • Thank you so much for entering! I like the layout of the design, but I think the sun looks a little too basic. I also don't like how the color of the orange bird doesn't really match the orange of the rest of the design! #35