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Winning design #10 by chakori, T-shirt Design for Positive Influence - Never Give Up Contest
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designed by chakori

Project description

Positive Influence is a new t-shirt brand expressing inspirational sayings like "Never Give Up" where the graphic design is created upside down so only the customer wearing the shirt can see this message. Two age groups 15 to 35 (max colors 3) and over 35 (max colors 2) For ages 15 - 35 can use more vibrant colors while over 35 is more tonal and contrast. As you all know the graphic sells the t-shirt so I am looking for unique and fresh concepts with vintage as well modern looks. These designs will either be screen print or heat transfer. Please include AI files with separations as well as PDF's once final concept is approved. I have attached a previous design of never give up that will give you an idea of what I am looking for. Note I am more interested in the saying being upside down, please use your creative genius and express what you feel would look best. I have also attached my logo in three version which you can use and place on the back center neck below the collar seam.

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  • same as previous comment
  • same as previous comment
  • Thank you for your submit, unfortunately this design does not translate the creativity I am looking for. I do not like the font and angle (tough to read when the customer is wearing the shirt)
  • curious did you just create this graphic and how did you get this graphic on t-shirts so quick. Or is the graphic a heat transfer???
    • i did created only the design for the t-shirt, and the graphic is a mock-up that you can find on the internet for free. it is a psd file and in a few steps the design is set.

    • i mean, i got the graphic on the t shirt with a mock up. The graphic itself is a vector drawing.

  • curious did you just create this graphic and how did you get this graphic on t-shirts so quick. Or is the graphic a heat transfer???
  • Not very creative, sorry but this graphic will not sell. Keep trying.
  • Sorry, do not like, "Never give up" needs to be upside down so the person wearing the shirt sees it. forget the web and spider.
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your valuable feedback. Please check revised designs #17...#18 , #19 .......as suggested by you. There are many variations in the colour Mauve... (sometimes towards blue and sometimes towards mergenta). I dont know which one you are looking for. If you can provide the exact colour of the tee ( in the brief section)then I can make the design accordingly. Thanks and regards.
  • nice, can you make the white a silver or lighter gray (less vibrant). Also can you make the back artwork all gray and reduce the size 20%?
    • I would but I've reached my upload limit. As a first time user i only get three uploads per contest. Cheers

  • I am mixed about this design, not sure what it is need to look at it more. Remove the sleeve print,
    • Hi CH, thanks for your message on #7 (front)- simplistic design, modern easy on the eye look - will remove the sleeve graphic (depicting a 'pulse' graph, as in 'finger on the pulse') and upload when done. regards - blocpuzz :)

  • Not sure on this design, need to look at it more.
  • nice job, can you do one on black with a gray print more tonal. Also the size of the artwork maybe too big for a finished tee.
  • This design does not work, turn it upside down and it reads backwards.
  • I like it and I don't need to think about this more.
  • I like it can you do on a colored tee other than black (like a mauve)?
  • nice, can you add the same front design on a black tee. "Never" on the black tee should be in a darker shade of gray in between the silver at the bottom, but lighter than charcoal. Thanks
  • do not like this design to busy and confusing.
  • do not like the front artwork that big as I will be limited to the size screen based on the t-shirt is already sewn. Remove the background script. Looking at it this design is just like the one I attached in my brief. Back logo positioning do not like.
  • Hello CH, Please give your feedback on designs #10 , #11 , #12...... Any changes or modifications are welcome. thank you. Chakori