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Winning design #107 by sant2, T-shirt Design for Pretty Work Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sant2

Project description

We are making a fishing team shirts.  The boat name is "Pretty Work".   We would like The boat drawn on the back with Pretty Work under the boat and Tequesta, FL  under the name.   The boat can be an outline drawing or full color.  The background should be removed from the boat picture and just show the boat only, no sky or water or beach.  The P and The W we would like in Mahi Mahi colors from the fish like the C shown in the picture.  The rest of the name can be the dark blue color.  The front of the shirt will have just the P and the W in the Mahi Mahi colors.  We should try the P and W in Full Mahi colors and transition the rest of the letters to the dark Blue color.   In the large boat picture there is a cooler box blocking the 3 engines on the back.  The cooler box should be replaced with the 3 engines like in the 2nd picture.   We have used this site before and had great results.  We look forward to another good design.

The boat name is "Pretty Work" so we would like the font to be pretty and artistic. 

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  • For my design I illustrated a 2016 fisher boat and created as an outline. I also used the Mahi Mahi color for the background of the boat, and for the P and W in Pretty Work. #118
  • We really like this fin in the back. Can we see it in a rectangle instead of round please? #111
  • We really like this fin in the back. Can we see it in a rectangle instead of round please? #111
  • check #113
  • Hello, here is my design. Hopefully, I didn't go too overboard with the coloring. I was having a bit too much fun with it. I was going to make to boat black and white, but it didn't fit since there is so much color gong on. I hope you like it though! #112
  • #109 #110 I hope you like it
  • Can we see the Tequsta FL under the Pretty work name and not on the boat? Thank you #56
  • Incorporated all details as you asked. I hope you like it. #102
  • About #74, @belcher1000 please see #100 and #101
  • Can we see the circle border in very small fishing hook pattern? #75
    • About #75, @belcher1000 Thank you very much for your feedback. As always very good attention on details and good ideas for better design. I will do my best for every detail you want to incorporate.

  • My second proposal.
    Please let me know if I can still improve this design.
    Your feedback is highly appreciated. #99
  • revised #73 #98
  • more option please check again :-) #97
  • This is my proposal. Please let me know your opinion about my design.
    Your feedback is highly appreciated. #96
  • Changes Applied! #95
  • Can we remove some of the light blue splatter paint on the left side #92
    • About #92, @belcher1000 Yes I'm Making the Changes you want
      then I'll upload it again!

  • Can you take the anchor hook out of the picture? #73
  • Can you put the Tequesta FL under the name pretty work and not on the boat? #73
  • Can you make the Pretty work name in dark blue? #74
  • Can you make this our boat in lieu of the generic boat? #74