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Winning design #59 by Sidney, T-shirt Design for Prove That You Have the Spice - Louisiana Hot Sauce Needs a NEW T-Shirt Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sidney

Project description

Louisiana Hot Sauce needs a new t-shirt design that expresses the essence, attitude, culture, and fun of the Louisiana Hot Sauce brand. Think: New Orleans, Zydeco, Cajun cooking, Bayou life and culture, gumbo. Louisiana Hot Sauce has an enormous loyal following. People use the hot sauce on their eggs, pizza, popcorn, mac-n-cheese, and in more traditional Cajun fare. While Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Saints and Louisiana State University are all undoubtedly part of the cultural tapestry of Louisiana, the t-shirt design needs to focus on the Louisiana Hot Sauce brand and cannot include any branding for these other entities. Specifications: T-shirts will be screen-printed. The t-shirt design itself needs to be fit in a 10" x 10" front t-shirt design, on white, and must somehow incorporate or include an image of a Louisiana Hot Sauce bottle (provided).

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  • The rendering of the bottles are done in vector halftones as to create a photorealistic print using the colors of the existing Louisiana brand. I chose to do so as to connect a vintage "original" feel with a bold, contemporary look using typography. Cheers!
  • Any feedback on this would be welcome, I am not sure if you are open to renderings of the bottle/logo but I thought about a bold upfront design, epitomising the Louisiana way of life using your original colours. The typefaces can of course change but as there is no source file for the font this is just to show the concept. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, If you could, please contact some of your other vendors in relation to the "official" logos such as the font and product shots. If you have provided any other "art" to these vendors for the print media such,posters,labes etc., that would be very helpful to the design community in regards to using the actual product shots and copy. In any kind of print media they require 300 DPI (resolution) for any kind of photo work. If these T's are to be mass produced then you want the absolute best files to provide. Thanks.
  • Hi Contest Holder, You stated that you want the bottle that was provided on the T's & also they will be silk screened. The file you provided was a low resolution JPEG at 72 DPI. It was under 3" at that size. The T's image area was to be a 10" x 10" area. Do you have a higher resolution file? Also, how many colors are to be used in the silk screen process? 3,4,5,6? A photo realistic product bottle usually would be used in a "heat transfer" or "digitally produced" ink jet situation. The higher the resolution at 100% size results in a clear image and iif the image is to be vectorized then the clearer the image the more colors that can be dropped out. Thanks.
  • Backgrounds are not allowed.
  • I've made two different versions. This version here is the distressed look and #40 is the non distressed look. I kept in mind that you wanted to screen print these shirts so I kept it at a two color design. Hope you like and if you want anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • about #39. I just wanted to show you how awesome it would look on a t-shirt.Thanks for your time
  • To CH about #38. I really wanted to do something special to represent the culture and food I have come accustomed to, so i hand drew my design for you and scanned it into illustrator to make it digital. I incorporated the shrimp and craw fish to give it that Louisiana feel. As you can see they are camouflage with the bottle, then as they come of they lose color and they are reaching for another drop of the flavorful hot sauce. Hope you like it. Thanks for your time
  • Dear CH - I can get the design in vector by Monday. Thanks!
  • Ahh... correction. The tee is meant for a Mardi Gras crowd, not specifically for the holiday... sorry about that :)
  • Dear CH - I felt that a drawn design approach was more necessary for the medium of a t-shirt. It adds more character to the bottle, the sauce, and the brand name. Because your t-shirts are for Mardi Gras, I thought that a fun design is what people want to wear. Thanks!
  • Sorry about that I didn't even notice I will fix and re upload.
  • "Original" is misspelled. Weaving in the other brand colors might make this pop more.
  • I have fixed the wording with this design and #49. I have made a distressed version and a non-distressed version. I also re-made the wording "LOUISIANA" to match what is on your bottle label. I also added more of the colors off the bottle in the design. And I kept in mind that you were going to screen print these so I didn't add alot of fancy gradients. I tried to keep it at a 3 color minimum but I went with four colors since it looked better. If you want anything changed just let me know and i'll fix it. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Backgrounds are not allowed. Please, read our guidelines.
  • TO CH, Made a few designs based on my experience in screen printing i kept it to three colors so it will be easier to print. gave it it's own bayou life style look, be happy if you will share your thoughts on it. thank you, DL.DIZ
  • We have liked MANY of the design directions we have seen. Unfortunately, we've been looking for something specific. Thank you for the effort!
  • Hello Louisiana Hot Sauce! What do you think of #84?
  • We're new to this too, Sidney. I believe you can just upload an additional image in vector format.
  • #83 Hello! My name is Joe Horacek and I am a screen printer and designer. Hope you dig it!