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Winning design #14 by arni_admim, T-shirt Design for RAYBEN Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arni_admim

Project description

MMA Fightwear Design (Mixed Martial Arts )
T-Shirt, Rashguard, MMA Short

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  • Hello, here comes updated version of design you already liked. Just in case i m telling you we are an experienced team and we will prepare files for print in correct dimenions, size and etc. after picking it as a winner we will still stay with u till u get exactly same product that you need :) if you need anything feel free to ask #19
  • About #18, @jaycobbb
    Hi Jaycobb
    This is very nice.
    In this way it is much better to imagine the product.
  • Here is the version i v mentioned before, in flat and more clarity, what do you think? what do you thinka bout logo in this style? #18
  • Hello @reman! I did a basic mold scheme for cutting and sewing. It is not exact, but approximate. I believe the material will be made in this way. #17
  • hi
    what mean is
    there are a lot of shades an unclear parts.
    when we make/manufactor this items, we can make teh fabric with -for example sublimation, or screenprinting, or embroidery or patches and labels etc.
    now it is a nice design draft, but it should be able to make/procuce/fashion this items.
  • About #16, @jaycobbb
    this design looks good.

    but it is hard to produce/manufactor it.
    it`s a littebit unclear what is printing, wahat can be stitched, labels etc.
  • Feedback is welcome #16
  • About #15, @jaycobbb
    may you can display on light background
    Textil production-Printing /Labeling
    pant- there will be a woven label,
    Rash guard- o.k. can be printed.
    still missing the T-Shirt ?
  • About #10, @jaycobbb
    the red one is my favorite
    reg. shaft in the middle.
    the spiky shaft goes straight into the heart
    may you can change something- other element or anything other ?
    more and more it looks great.
  • About #6, @jaycobbb
    this one looks hot.
    may you can try in different colors?
    black background and red ord blue or silver or gold?
    green looks very nice but is hard t sell.
    Thx jaycob
    • @reman Hi, check last 4 designs please, with different colours, if any of them will be your favourite i will pick it and work on mma shorts if you wish. Best Jaycobbb

  • About #8, @VaZka99
    Hi Morocco
    o.k. good move - black and red is always nice.
    please go ahead.
    repeatable Figure/frame
    some additional color?
    connect to martial arts?

    • @reman Hi, You can give me an example?

  • About #4, @arni_admim
    you are on a good way.
    can you try different colors ?

  • About #5, @jaycobbb
    this is also nice-
    may you try different colors
  • Hello! Check out my new design! #4
  • Über das Design #3, @arni_admim

    Hi Arni
    currently, your design is the best design!
    @ Rashguard and MMA Short:
    plain white looks nice but will make problems during training and fight.
    MMA Short is longer than Thaishort- till to the knees.
    please dont forget T-Shirt.
    The set should include
    T-Shirt (American UFC call it Walkout Shirt)
    Rashguard (Short or long sleves)
    MMA Short ( legs approx to knees)
    • @reman Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I'll make the adjustments you asked me to, including a T-shirt (I really had forgotten hahah ...). If you prefer other colors let me know.

  • Über das Design #2, @VaZka99
    Hi Morocco
    black or dark background is more likely
    design, lines should be cleare
    Ray Ben logo is available- but you can play with all elements
  • Hi Jaycob
    now i have uploades the logo.
    colors and style: we are open - its up to you.
    black as basic is always nice, metallic style, gold, silver, combined with colors also o.k.
    Affliction has nice designs for t-Shirts- but it is a little bit overloaded.
    currently Venum do al lot of inovations but its all about a snake.
    It should be something special for MMA Fighters- hard`n heavy with a touch luxury and futuristic ?
    but at least ist should be sellable.
  • nice designs seen at Affliction, Venum
  • HI, can you update the brief please? we need to know what kind of colours,style you prefer, also please upload your logotype #1