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Project description

T-shirt design, humorous, professional about naturopathic medicine or acupuncture.  Our logo will go on front "pocket" so design would be on back of shirt.

Our website is to get a better idea what our practice is about.

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  • full design view #41
  • front and back design...hope you like it #40
  • on the back design...using green color to much the theme of your logo #39
  • Acupuncture originated and meaning....just let me know if you want some changes...hope you like it... #38
  • Can you do this with the largest/focus words being acupuncture, nutrition, integrative medicine, medical care, massage with the others being the background or lighter words? #30
  • Comment can teach me about HUMOR :) #27
  • Comment can teach me about HUMOR :) #26
  • My design contains stock element, no need to be purcesd, i all ready have the licence for them.
  • Hi All,
    We already have a logo! We are looking for a design for the back of the shirt, that is NOT our logo, that represents our medical practice. It can be humorous about acupuncture with a pun, or something that truly represents naturopathic medicine. One submission that has since been taken down had a great concept of the apple from our logo with pertinent words/care that we offer.
  • Another option
    Thanks #18
  • just trying..thank you #17
  • Gave li'l More Detailing in it. #12
  • Dear,
    Please check my design and give feedback
    Thanks alot #8
  • To Submitting Artists: These designs need to be appropriate for our medical practice to use for staff and patients. Our primary areas of practice include medical care, acupuncture, nutrition. Our doctors would like something humorous but PROFESSIONAL.
  • hi...what is the shirt color you prefer ? is it white, grey, black.....etc??? an also color limits??? like only 1-3 colors??? thanks