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Winning design #16 by philippos, T-shirt Design for Ries Well Drilling, Inc. Contest
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designed by philippos

Project description

Water well drilling company needs shirts made that will be worn by employees. Website is www.rieswelldrilling.com. Would perfer red or black shirts. Looking for small logo/graphic on front corner, and larger logo/graphic with info on back of shirt. Would like to incorporate a graphic of a Schramm T300M well drilling truck or very similar along with our logo, but not mandatory. At this time there is no limit on colors.

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  • Can you provide us a logo? maybe colors of your bussines? some information to make some designs. Thanks. =)
  • Dear Contest Holder, What would you like on the shirts?
  • Squewheet, To be honest I have never had shirts made up before. So I not exactly sure of the process.... I like your #2 design for the back of the shirt, but if you could come up with a black graphic well rig for the front corner with the Ries Well Drilling logo that would be great. Thanks!
  • Hello RiesWD, I read the update on your brief and I was wondering if you were planning on screen printing these shirt or you would be using another process. I have also made the follow designs for you #1 & #2. I found your info on your site and turned it into a design that can go on shirts. I used red shirts since I seen your truck were red and then I traced your logo and then just used 2 colors for the both front and back designs just to keep cost down.....that's if you were going to screen print them. I hope you like and if you would like to see something else just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • our website address is www.rieswelldrilling.com We would be looking for red or black shirts with white and blue mandatory as this is the color in our logo. We would perfer a small graphic/logo on the front of the shirt on the top corner, and then the main information and big graphic/logo on the back. As mentioned this is a water well drilling company, not oil. Open to graphic of Schramm T300M well drilling truck along with logo. Must be this truck as this is what is used to drill our wells. Thanks and looking forward to everyones ideas!! :)
  • @Squewheet I'm actually not the contest holder, and I'm familiar with each of the color spaces, but thanks for your answer anyways :) I've dealt with printers who prefer files to be in RGB depending on the job; I was just wondering if this was a popular process for screen printing since every printer does their own thing differently. Again I was only asking this question here and not in the forums because it directly relates to this contest and how I would go about setting up the document for the CH. Sorry about the confusion, thanks again.
  • Rieswd, Well most place that do screen printing often use either a "(PMS)-Pantone Matching System" or a "(CMYK)-Cyan Magenta Yellow Black" process. "(RGB)-Red Green Blue" is used for stuff you see on the web. The place I worked at that did screen printing used the (PMS) coloring process. Below is some info about it. -PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a solid color matching system. It is a purchased color/ink, which is blended to provide a consistent and perfect match to the colors specified in the Pantone color guide. PMS inks are generally used in offset printing and limited other processes. Thanks, Squewheet
  • @Squewheet This is probably not the most appropriate place to ask this, but since it relates to this contest: in your experience with screen printing, do most printers normally prefer the RGB color space over CMYK? Thank-you.
  • ReiesWD, Well from my experience and from what I know. Screen printing your shirts is probably going to be the cheapest and you will be able to get more for your money. I know most people go with three or less colors and that helps to keep cost down. Also since your workers are going to be getting dirty, oily and etc......Screen printing shirts are the way to go. Cause there cheap enough just to go out and get them made. I have a truck made and I will upload it after I get home from work. Thanks for the info. Squewheet
  • Hi CH, here's my entry #13. looking forward to what you can say about it. tnx!
  • I like the Ries logo with just the truck. Can we not have it in a circle and without the stars and RIES at the top and WELL DRILLING at the bottom. I just don't like it contained in any shape.. Thanks!
  • I was looking at our website and see that this is the outline of the truck on the homepage. I like the look of the design on the home page, but maybe because the color on the truck is filled in, and because it has background colors. I will show this truck to my husband when he gets home and let you know his feedback. Thanks!
  • What if the truck was under the logo on the front instead of to the side? What about the front view of the truck instead of back? Now that I see just a black outline maybe it needs something more?? Let me know your ideas
  • Rieswd, I have made the front design like you asked. I already had a truck made but it didn't look right so I spent a little time on making a new one. I hope you like it and I have supplied you with three different types. #10 is just a large scale view of the truck if you click on it you can see it in 100% view and you can see the detail on it. #9 is the version done like it was on the first one I entered but with the black truck added. And #8 I changed the outline of you CO. name to black and the outline of "Well Drilling, Inc." also to black to kinda make the truck fit in more with the whole design. I hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed then just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Thank you for the information. I'll try to give my best. Best regards, Philippos
  • The back of the shirt does not need the address, e-mail address, fax number, etc. The only info should be the (586) 784-9516, the (586) 615-2706, and the ST. License numbers. Along with the the 25 years of Service arched over the top of the graphic with the "Go with the name you can trust..! " under all the info and the logo.
  • Dear rieswd, I made changes about the text on the shirt back #15. I just recognized too late that I forgot to put the ", INC." word to the logo design. If you can give me last submit chance at this contest I am going to update it. Thanks
  • Hi CH, here's my revision. #14, i'm sorry of i got the wrong word..hope you can still consider my design. tnx.
  • Thanks for extending the contest. I wasn't going to be able to make any changes until after 5:00pm my time and by then the contest would of been over. I will think about how I can improve the design for the front and I will make the changes later tonight. Thanks, Squewheet
  • If you can change it to Well Drilling and not water drilling, then I will show it to my husband. Thanks!