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Winning design #27 by erwinubaldo87, T-shirt Design for Rutgers New Brunswick - Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by erwinubaldo87

Project description

Department website:

T-shirts will be for all new members that are recruited during the upcoming academic year.

The shirt color can be black, grey, red, or white (see below for exact colors).

Max of 2 colors in the design (red, grey, white, or black).

Shirt can have designs on both sides but the front should be minimal and the back should be high enough to allow for a few sponsor logos.

Shirt must include:
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
On the banks since 1845
We would like the following words used or reflected through symbolism:
Friendship for Life

Shirt can include:
Greek Alphabet
Greek Columns/Pillars
Laurel Wreath

Our university has specific guidelines regarding the use of their images which can be found here

University colors:

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  • Here is my vision,
    If is there anything you would like to change, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards #37
  • Here is my vision
    If is there anything you would like to change, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards #36
  • HI
  • About #18, @pasukanmatiblog Hello, can you add in red to the black shirt and the grey shirt like you did on your original design. Also can you provide one with rutgers as you have on this design and one without it as well. It may not pass our branding guidelines with it.
    • @allen_white Hello, thank you for feedback. Please check my revision design with Rutgers and without Rutgers. Thank you #25, #26

  • hope you like it----2 colors for black and grey shirts, 1 color for red and white shirts... #17
  • Modification on the part 4 Greek Columns/Pillars. #12
  • Check my revision design. If there is a return revision. I'm ready to give the best for you sir. Thank you #11
  • white #10
  • red #9
  • grey #8
  • 2 color print----on a black shirt..., please check my other entries showing red,grey, and white shirt..thanks please let me know if you want some changes... #7
  • About #6, @dhproject hello can we change the person in the middle to be 4 greek columns/pillars. Also can we remove the design on the back
    • @allen_white oh okay sir I'll fix it, thanks for the feedback

  • About #2, @pasukanmatiblog Hello! Can we change the people in the middle to be 4 Greek Columns/Pillars Instead. Also we need to remove the designs from the sleeves.
  • HAI, I made this simple concept, please give me feedback,
    if you want to change something from this design you can send a message to me, #6
  • Hi CH, how about my concept?
    don't hesitate if you want to change, Contact me
    Thank you. #3
  • I welcome all feedback from you sir. And back T-shirts full for sponsor logos.
    Thank you. Regards #2
  • hi
    check this design
    and please feedback.. thank you.. #1