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great design contest with some great submissions from some very talented artist. I only wish we could still see the ones that were pulled from the contest. There was one that we really liked but couldn't to the designer since it was pulled. Second time using design contest and I am sure we will use it again next year for our event.

$350 paid

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Winning design #53 by DyNiC123, T-shirt Design for Satchell Engineering & Associates Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DyNiC123

Project description

Looking for a design that uses sea life, and we want our logo to be part of that design.  Our logo can be the water drop only with the "S" in it.  Some ideas we had were a sea ray that whos tail is wrapped around the logo somehow.  The ray swimming with the tail almost tangled around logo.  We would also like to see our company name as part of the overall design as well "Satchell Engineering & Associates".  You can add other sea life around main ray if that works.  If we can keep it to no more than 3 or maybe 4 colors that would be good as well. That would keep printing cost down. This design should be able to fit either on back or front of shirt.  See our website for examples.  Use of animals is very important in the design of he shirt.  It can be a simple use of them but we need animals in the design.  Our logo should not  be the only thing we see in the design.  I actually sketched out a sting ray with its tail looped around our tear drop.  I have added an example of stingray and logo.  Play off of that if that helps.  You don't have to incorporate the entire company name in the design.  We can always add the name on the front of the shirt separately and have the design with logo on the back.  You can also use SE&A with the teardrop logo if you like.

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  • hope you like it...just let me know if you need any changes..thank you #78
  • @satchellengineering
    Hi !
    Sincerely , Cezar
    #72 , #73 and #74
  • Please check my design at #76 and #77. Thank you
  • Please do the review and give us your feedback. #69
    Prodesign (Prodizajn)
  • @satchellengineering How about this? #67
  • can you change the font on the E&A. It doesn't read really well for us. #57
    • @satchellengineering alright sir, i will do my best

  • Shirt mock up for entry #65. Hope you like my design. Best regard #66
  • can you please spell engineering correctly. You currently have two "G" #59
  • can you please spell engineering correctly. You currently have two "G" #59
  • Only used colors that were already on the logo so it keeps the cromatic system your brand already has and keeps the costs down. #61
  • Aquarium #59
  • Please give me your feedback. #57
  • Please do the review and give us your feedback. #56
    Prodesign (Prodizajn)
  • sorry - also try and make animals look more realistic than what they are currently. #26
    • @satchellengineering thank you for your feedbacks.

  • 2nd version---using a different type of ray(manta ray) i think this is better than my 1st version..., thank you
    Feel free to ask for any changes... #44
  • STINGRAY wrapping the LOGO with its tail...., funny and cool..., thank you #41
  • I like where you went with this. The effect with the Jelly is great. Can you show one without the name on our company on it as we might just add the name and logo on the front of the shirt with the design on the back. I don't know if you can do this type of design with another animal ( I know a octopus) but what about a 2-3 rays and their tails wrapping around with all the extra added elements you have here. #18
    • @satchellengineering was wondering what happened to the jellyfish design. Wanted to share it with others in the office. It was a cool design.

  • for coloring, you can changing it as you like. #40
  • Stingray with its tail wrapping the LOGO...,Clean and well balanced design..., hope you like it...thank you #37
  • can you change out the dolphin for a stingray, maybe more of a side view swimming away. Owner really would like a ray in this years design. Maybe even have it where it sticks out of the water drop a little. Same placement as dolphin just replace it and even have tail going out the other side. Something like that. I would also suggest making the water drop more the same as outs (not so short little more elongated) #21
    • @satchellengineering ok contest holder thank you for the feedback :)