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Winning design #37 by Taco2575, T-shirt Design for Satirical Current Events Tshirt Design Contest
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designed by Taco2575

Project description

We are looking for our next tshirt design. Please base it on current events. For instance, "Seriously. His last name is Wiener" with an appropriate color/design might have been a good shirt last month. Something about the NFL or NBA lockouts might work. Or, Libya or the "debt ceiling", or Lady Gaga, etc. Anything that is part of any of the shows mentioned in our description is probably a good topic for a tshirt design. *NOTE: All tshirts are American Apparel, so please select a background color that matches available AA shirts!

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  • Dear Contest Holder, After reading about your interest in a design based on the debt ceiling, I decided to submit a design with that in mind. Design #21 is a satirical take on the debt crisis, with a unique slogan that I came up with. The design is very simple, with the primary focus being the message of the design. A graphic can be added if needed, and the font can be changed as well. I added a sample of "100% American" in the bottom right corner of the design. Please ignore design #20, as it is the same design without the sample text. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • I just read your comment below, and I would have actually liked your version: "In today's politics everyone 's a Weiner". I think it probably needs to be slightly reworded, but overall it's funny without being too offensive (like some of the others). I think you definitely get my concept.
  • found the typo mentioned by the designer.
  • One final IMPORTANT thing. I'd like to put "100% American" running along the bottom of the back of the Tshirt. Please show that using a font that matches your front design.
  • As an update, consider the idea that a Hollywood star would wear this shirt with $300 jeans and $500 shoes. It needs to look expensive (or be VERY clever) to pull that off.
  • looks just like #15. see feedback there.
  • this is definitely a good entry. i don't think i know the image, so maybe I'm missing the clever part of the design, but it's still a good attempt and the "debt ceiling" theme could be a winner right now.
  • definitely in the right direction. maybe there's a different way of saying this that seems clever.
  • this is probably the classiest design submitted so far.
  • best part about this is the "0 people like this". please try a different font/color to be a little higher end. i need something I can wear to dinner with $200 jeans.
  • i like the lockout concept. the color/font just isn't appealing.
  • at least I could wear this around my kids. just not that original.
  • like the concept. still needs something, but a lot better than others.
  • not bad. definitely in the right direction. just not sure I like the color scheme. idea is good.
  • Hi Jelk Thanks for the good comments on my entry. I will be improving on the design of course. In the meantime I will be posting more 'sayings'. No more Weiner stuff? Aw shucks - there goes my next idea 'In today's politics everyone 's a Weiner'
  • I misspelled a word in this design. And I didn't catch it until I submitted it. So with #15 I fixed it. Hope you like!
  • Dear Contest Holder, After reading your previous comments I decided to stay clear of a design that may come across as inappropriate. Design #12 references the recent legalization of gay marriage in New York. This design is very clean and modern looking. The white gives a good contrast to the word "fabulous" and the New york City skyline enhances the message. This shirt can be printed on a variety of t-shirt colors as well, which is always something to consider when designing for custom t-shirts. The white text could always be converted to another color if the design were to be printed on a white t-shirt. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • I apparently need to clarify that I'm looking for a design that I could wear around my kids. Please no more jokes about Wieners or child killers.
  • at least this is in the right direction. no sex jokes or child killer jokes. still, assassination jokes aren't great. appreciate that you at least put some thought into this. maybe a revision will be more palatable.
  • This is far better than anything else that has been done. At least I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear it in public.