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Winning design #327 by braveart, T-shirt Design for Südtirol Footprint Contest
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designed by braveart

Project description

UPDATED BRIEF: Contest will be extedetd for 7 days!
We are looking to create a product line that has a connex to South Tyrol. First items will be T-Shirts, which show the connection to the region. The typical customer is a fan of South Tyrol, someone who was there for holidays and loves the region and wears the shirt because he want to show this. The shirt should be a statement that the customer will be identified at home as a South Tyrol fan.
Mountains and nature are some of the topics that identify the region. 
It sould also be possible to have hotels and other partners to cobrand the shirt with their logo. The shirts will also be sold by those partners.

We would like to have a common element on all shirts, in our mind it could be something like the hiking footprint attached. The claim should be "Footprints", combined with Südtirol (German name of South Tyrol). This should not be the main design element and could maybe be placed on the back or bottom
The design should look cool, simple, modern and essential

Please keep in mind that  we can not use digital printing for this shirt and the printing should be possible as transfer
Find attached the t-shirt colors we can use for prints

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  • thank you, #262 is better #270 #269
    • @roland_trebo hoping you like my all entry,,

    • @roland_trebo hello roland_trebo happy new year,, thank you for giving me feedback and thank you for your effort to give me some idea.. hope you like my all entry,, God Bless You!!

  • hope you like this #326
  • hope you like this #323
  • hope you like this #321
  • changed the back print... #318
  • new variation---it seems you like some splatters..so i added some #315
  • Hi roland_trebo
    I am here again with a few proposals.
  • how about this one contest holder hope you like,, kindly give me feedback please #268
  • Front and back should not have the same design... so mayne front without "footrpint", back with the word
  • Could you try to remove the "footprint" Text on the front? We like the style very much
  • thank you, #265 is better #252 #251
  • Thank you for your entry, but not the style we would like to go #226
  • thank you, #262 is the bes option #261 #260 #259 #258 #247 #246 #207
  • also a nice shirt color... dark brown.... works best of the ORANGE-WHITE print #267
  • thank you, #262 is better #261 #260 #259 #258
  • thank you, #227 is better #228
  • Variation to my previous entry----also a good option, anyways I can give you all the versions your like...thanks #266
  • hope you like this #265
  • hope you like this #264
  • we like to keep it essential, so better the revisions without the moon. Thank you! #234 #233 #232 #231 #230