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Winning design #45 by JonyaD, T-shirt Design for Second Amendment March Contest
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designed by JonyaD

Project description

Second Amendment March is seeking a new t-shirt design for our annual rally. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the right to keep and bear arms. Although we love our current t-shirt design (see attached image), we have had it for 10 years and our attendees are looking to collect new designs. We hold a large rally every year at the state Capitol Building. Imagery could include, but is not limited to: firearms, patriotism, the American flag, the Gadsen flag, Molon Labe, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, founding fathers, muskets, rifles, handguns, etc. Your creativity is welcomed! Please limit designs to four colors so we can keep our printing costs down. 

If you have a good idea for something that is more on the cartoony side, that's okay, too! We are open to new ideas.

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