Shabby Chic Texas

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Winning design #17 by ah_can_do_it, T-shirt Design for Shabby Chic Texas Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ah_can_do_it

Project description

I want to have a t-shirt I can give to people that buy my furniture I am thinking about using the slogan "I Love Me Some Shabby Chic!" but you could use "I Love Shabby Chic Texas" as well, whatever you think works best.

The target audience is Millennial Females that love the vintage, country french, shabby chic lifestyle so the design needs to reflect that.

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  • I don't appreciate your trying to rig the vote for your design. I am disqualifying all of them. #20
    • About #20, @chantalle_brooks why? that's unfair, this design 100% original by me, but you eliminated it? I'm sorry, I just ask my friend to give coments for my designs, look at #75 , that's design had something like as my designs, it had grunge effect as my design, it has some object around the text which same as my designs, also small circle around the text like as my design, but you didn't eliminated it. this is unfair

    • About #20, @chantalle_brooks , I don't cheat anything, please think again

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      About #20, @chantalle_brooks , I don't cheat anything, please think again, asking my friends isn't cheat, but if you don't like it, I'm sorry about it

  • О дизайне #75, @hitrih
    Dear sir. Pay attention to new option of a logo. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks.
  • hope I'm on right track now? #54
    • @ah_can_do_it No that is to over the top. I am looking for Country Chic

  • Create one that says, "I love me some Shabby Chic!" #20
  • option with white t-shirt #40
  • Show me this on a white background. #20
  • Show me this one on a white tshirt. #24
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #24
  • just a suggest, blind contest would be better, because every designer can't see other design in this project, so It would be more originally :)
    • @PYNproject thanks for the suggestion but I want everyone to see everything so they can see the direction I want to go.

  • I don't want to use pictures of any pieces from my site. Also, I want to keep the branding consistent so use the same font as my logo. Also, I am looking for something more "vintage" in style.
  • please let me know if you would to see something different on my welcomed... #7