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We have a major event coming that will requires extra preparation, lots of hard work and team spirit so We are looking for designs that reflects sportive, fun concepts of our values (vibrant friendships, life obstacles beaten by preparation and hard wok). Awesome concepts filled with modern illustrations are preferable and the company name inclusion is optional so get the creative juices working folks!

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  • sorry i forgot it's ox i wrote it xo if you like any one of them i'll modify it and upload it again.
  • Your designs must be created by you. No clipart allowed. This design was found here
  • Hey guys sorry about the wait. Ive been told the more information You get the bestter so please refer to to get inspirations. Please note I do want something original that also includes the logo. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, Aside from your given color guide, can we use some other color? I'm just following at your given reference. I'll wait for your feedback!
  • well i do like the words and runner elements on #2, the colors on #3 look pretty sweet but i aim for stellar, explosive,earth shattering design so how unrealistic am i ? can the candidates check some references and try again ?
  • Good morning and thanks for your submission. This project is rather important for the company of a friend but I have no time nor skills to do it myself; can you give it a second try and start over ?
  • Sir/Ma'am(CH), Good day! here's my entry. Thanks!
  • Dear holder please write a comment about my designs and your modifications
  • Dear CH, shall we hold on your original logo and re-design it? Or new design with your logo incorporated?
  • Here is a revision of #21. A bit more detail on the runner, different color scheme and some alignment adjustments.
  • Thank you, Ill get to work.
  • Very little details and the colors are bland. Right direction but needs work
  • are the t-shirts going to be only in white color?
  • i cant open the website
  • I am going for a simple look, but get across the the ideas of strength and hard work (you know... something you can be proud of who you are when you're wearing it).
  • For all my designs - The color of the shirt can change to white. Entry 52 and 53- Both are pretty much the same. Playing with the two letter O and X Entry 54 and 56 - Both are pretty much the same. playing with the meaning of OX. Using a figure of a running ox or a bull. Entry 55 - Represents, people running around the world. as a whole it also represents the sun which is the source of all energy on earth. Using the same letter play of O and X. Thanks.
  • about this one, sorry, i thought it was the same logo contest, didnt read well.
  • No self promotion allowed. This means no logo marks, nothing saying this is designed by you. No identity type marks, no personal email or phone numbers.
  • hello, I'm new to this site :), about my entry #72; shirt color can be changed to white or green to showcase a more environment friendly look. I tried to get the gist of your concept and I ended up with this design. It's a combination of what I understood about the brief of the contest and my personal style :) thanks!
  • #79 and #80 concept of image not mean make a joke about your team but i hope you know story about "The Rabbit and the Turtle",