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Winning design #96 by aralais, T-shirt Design for simple but creative t-shirts for women (long sleeve) Contest
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designed by aralais

Project description

We are building a line of t-shirts which will be printed -- on light colored bamboo shirts like heather grey, sky blue or natural. We want simple yet sophisticated styles on long sleeves. Detailing (paisley) on the sleeves in black ink--wavy shapes but not overboard--around the shoulder or elbow--still not too much. Using the Moon in a creative way would be great. There is no brown on the color board at but would like to see BROWN INSTEAD of GREEN, not addition to green. But if you cannot use brown than green would be the color. A rich but not to dark brown, earth yet light. The words: Taurus Moon Goddess ~ earthy ~ sensualist ~ patient ~ abundant ~ expressive

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  • I really do not know what kind of brown would like #1 #2 #3, based on the brief and what do they like before these proposals, I hope your review. Thank you very much
  • Same as blue. Not sure we would use a bold t-shirt color like this?
  • Simplify.
  • Too much
  • How about putting the words Taurus Moon Goddess in black?
  • We really like the design, but not the text on the sleeve. Can you find a way to make the text follow the shape of the moon? Might be interesting to see?
  • A little smaller in size of everything. Looking for something a little more simple
  • How about something like #36 were all the type is incorporated in the circle, and all the components are that brown color. It's more subtle. Thanks.
  • The symbol does not say feminine to us. We are looking for feminine.
  • Can you make this in brown?
  • Not sure what to tell you to change. It is a nice concept but it doesn't wow us.
  • We are liking this more and more, but the T needs to look like a T, important to be able to read it because it is a different concept about astrology.
  • Like this one too.
  • Don't like the text on the sleeves
  • Very nice idea. Love it. Simple, elegant and gets the idea across.
  • Really like it but again maybe different font for all of the text. And less orange in the brown. But really like where the text is and the size
  • Hi bluestar, I'm submitting a design (#32 & #33) that is similar to the one that you chose for the Aries t-shirt. If you would like to stick with the same style. The graphic I created for the Taurus shirt, has a lighter feeling to it. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank-you.
  • Dear Bluestar, I would need one more info, and it's quite important - the shirts you're going to print on are like body-fit or like easy-fit? I have to consider that fact for positioning and size of logo and text (women's brests and abdomen).
  • Revisons with changed font #28 and #29. #28 - a bit square shape of font oposite to elipsed shape of the Taurus Moon logo. #29 - a more classical font
  • like it. can we see it in an earth brown color?