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Winning design #56 by sanjeebsks204, T-shirt Design for simple but creative t-shirts for women (long sleeve) Contest
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designed by sanjeebsks204

Project description

Cancer Moon Goddess mother, nurturing, tribal, intuitive, protector We all think of the crab with it comes to cancer, but we are more interested in showing Cancer as part of the earth. The earth is the ultimate mother. Again we want a simple but feminine design. Perhaps showing the Earth as a mother in some way and also using the descriptive words. Please use two colors and keep in mind that we are an earthy company but feminine and like classic lines. perhaps a blue and green?

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  • Dear CH, Made some Improvements on it. Just uploaded for A better look..!!
  • I appreciate that. Is there anything you would like to see differently in my design, or that you feel could be improved? Thank you, AK
  • We really like this concept.
  • Can you put the font in green, so that there are only two colors? And change the font so that it is a little easier to read
  • Dear Contest Holder, This design is the same as design #7, but I enlarged the "Earth" as well as the fonts. I also incorporated the vines between the texts, similar to design #1. This is a combination of both designs. Have a great day! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Dear Contest Holder, In this design I enlarged the font size, but in doing so I had to erase the small vines on the side. However, I added a larger vine in the green circle. If you would like, I can work with image sizes so that I can fit the smaller vines back into the font area, as shown in design #1. Let me know what you think! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Can you make a more simple design within the circle? Make the font a little easier to read? Like that is gives the idea of the Earth.
  • Too much. Cleaner lines would be nice.
  • As you said , Made it in only 2 colors .. & if there is a problem in reading. Its due to the quality of pic.
  • Also we would like to keep it at two colors. Can you find a way to use just two colors? Thanks!
  • We like this idea. Can you find a way to use more vines without it getting to be too much. Maybe make the font a little larger?
  • Nice idea, maybe a little too difficult to read.
  • About #2 To CH, The Design is made with 2 colors you required ( Blue & green ).. & Also It concludes the Varriables you wanted in the Designed.. Just let me know if any changes are in need ! TheDK, DK Designs.
  • Dear Contest Holder, This design uses the colors you requested, as well as the other design elements discussed in your brief. Please let me know if you would like me to make any alterations! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Dear CH, Another execution where the design is worn as a piece of jewelry. The text will form as the necklace, while the pendant shows different faces representing different facets of the cancer moon goddess (mother, nurturing, etc.), while still resembling mother earth. Thanks
  • Dear CH, Thanks. Will revise and provide you with a different idea on the same concept.
  • This is different and very interesting. Can we see the girl and font in a different color?
  • Nice idea. Can you change a the idea to something else--we like the concept