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designed by libbyelliott

Project description

We are building a line of t-shirts which will be printed on bamboo material--printed on mostly light colored shirts like heather grey, sky blue or natural. We are looking to start with just one or two colors in print, one color being black. We want simplicity not busy, although black detailing (lines forming shapes) on the long sleeves would be great. Still not too much. Maybe something around the elbows or shoulders. Using the Moon in a creative way would be great in the design. The words we would like to use on this particular shirt are: Aries Moon Goddess spirited ~ adventuresome ~ spontaneous ~ passionate ~ advocate

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  • Hi this idea is about a full mooon inside is aries. By the other side the text would be on the sleeves. I want to know if you like the idea so I could develop it more on a tshirt template. Thanx
  • Hi Sharie: To answer your question about weather the same design goes on the front and the sleeve of the shirt-- no we are looking for two different designs so I am not sure how that works with this contest. But our intention is to have two different designs. The design on the sleeve would be more about simple, fun, interesting lines in black ink. (paisley or waves, something to dress it up simply) If you have seen some of the yoga wear with graphics or women's outdoor wear--that would give you more of an idea of what we are looking for. I would love to see Libbyelliot's mock-up online if we are allowed to do this. So I am requesting it! Please let me know if there are more questions: Lost electric for a little while so now I should be more responsive to your questions. Thanks for asking
  • The answer is yes it is allowed.
  • Yes I like where you are going with this idea. And like the idea of the text on the sleeve. I would like to see this--how do I request it?
  • Nice idea, but looking for something with more feminine energy.
  • simple moon and aries design suggestion and comments about my design is big help to enhance my entry. thank you.
  • To admins: Is image of a shirt allowed in design submit - due to certain designs around neck and similar?
  • Hi there!, A couple of questions about the contest... We have a few questions about the design for your shirt, You mention an arm and front design, is this design to be the same design for both arm/front or different design for arm and front? Do you have a template or tshirt style you will be using? Our contest entries allow one design per entry so do you want the front placement design or arm/elbow design? Thanks much
  • CH, I just wanted to explain a little about my design. Aries is the ram, so the center icon's white space represents a ram's horns. There is also a moon on the left side. It's surrounded by the words you listed in your design brief. I thought the bottom line of text could run down the arm of the long sleeve t-shirt. I can post an actual mock-up on a t-shirt, but sometimes we aren't allowed to do this. If you request it, then I should be able to. I used the 2 colors from your brief. I think this design would lend itself nicely to a series of astrology t-shirts. Thanks.
  • We really like it.
  • Hi I made this new design more simple and abstract. Could you please check review on my designs cause I can't upload any new designs. Thanx
  • Do you like the idea using front and back?
  • I thought maybe you would like to see it with different font.
  • Thank you for your feedback! I appoligize for the wrong colors. Here is the correction.
  • We really like it but there is a little too much--more simplicity.
  • going in a good direction
  • I like it, but it just isn't exactly it
  • I really love this. Can you change the pink to the color I selected. It has symbolic significance.
  • I was thinking feminem, sporty, simplicity, with hightlight on creating "aries moon" logo.
  • This is a nice idea.