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Winning design #76 by MoTau, T-shirt Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MoTau

Project description

Each year we produce a shirt that lists the names of people who are or have battled cancer. 
The shirts are worn during a 500 mile snowmobile ride in a single day. 
The names go on the front and back of the shirt.<br>

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  • The design on front is messed up with ribbon over the top of other designs. Please correct. Also, can you remove KFCF on front of shirt and put 2019....and keep the KFCF on back. #91
  • another back back design. with 2019. #90
  • please check this. thank u #89
    • @Gana_art i have added '2019' also in the t shirt.

  • please give me feedback. thak u. #88
  • 2019 on the front of shirt (remove KFCF under the sled and put 2019) Thanks!!! #76
  • Just realized that the shirt doesn't have the 2019 year for the design. Can you please remove the KFCF and replace with 2019. Or other options. Put on the bottom of the ribbon on front of shirt. If you can give us a couple options with this #76 would be great. #76
  • Can you possibly add additional snowflakes to back of shirt. #86
  • front - remove person back - add into the purple ribbon and (just remove V500) #85
  • Can you remove the person and just keep the sled. #86
  • Like the update. Can you try one more thing: Front shirt - Remove the KFCF name, banner, and 2 ribbons row; shift the Valentine 200 row up and then enlarge snowmobile slightly bigger and shift up. Back of shirt: correct spelling: KFCF #84
  • another version of snowflakes #86
  • little snowflake #85
  • Here's the new version of the changes with Keller Family Community Foundation as the main top text, also i've added some snow flakes to the design ( which can be more if you want ) to give it a more snowy-wintery feeling to the design.
    Hope you like it,
    Cheers #84
  • Can you try a sample of the front of the shirt - have Keller Family Community Foundation and Valentine 500 flipped - to focus on our name rather than Valentine 500. Back of shirt can stay the same how it currently is. #77
  • Can you try adding to the back of the shirt design on the top with adding snowflakes possibly. Thanks #75
  • Hello @mike34
    This is a design in a different version with 5 column names. The front 137 names and the back of 420 names. The number of names can still be added as needed.
    Thank you #83
  • Hey, I made the changes you wanted, and I also added a purple ribon on the right of the keller family text, right on the heart of the person wearing the t shirt. Hope you'll like it. #82
  • please check this. thank u #78
  • Here's the new version of the design with the changes you wanted. Right now there are 500 names in the tshirt, but as you can see, i made the design in a way that easily you can add 100-200 more names to it and it will still be readable and fashionable to wear.
    Hope you like the new design.
    Cheers #77
  • Can you keep front as is and try a slightly different back design by having 4 column of names (to allow for the 600 names to fit on shirt). Would love to see how that would look as an option. Thanks!! #72
    • @mike34 I will do it ASAP. However, by being a 4 column design will look shorter, except for the addition of new names. Thanks.

    • @mike34 Sorry, if it turns out I counted the design that I made, the name was unwritten and the number was less than 538 people. I will turn it into 4 columns so that it is enough for 600 people. but additional names on the design are only additional names that do not match your website.

    • @MoTau It appears that we had around 538 names on shirt last year (however each year people add additional names to our list) so it may grow to 550-600 total. I appreciate your effort for us to see what it would look like.

    • Hello @mike34
      This is the design you requested. There is a slight change in the front design, where the name becomes 4 columns. In this design there are 552 names, 104 names in the front design and 448 names in the rear design. Basically, designs can be made for any number of names, but the more names cause the font size to be smaller. thanks. #76