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Winning design #97 by DesktopDesigns, T-shirt Design for Software AG Corporate Marketing Contest
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designed by DesktopDesigns

Project description

We'd like to create an edgy, cool t-shirt design that goes with our company slogan 'get there faster'. Software AG is all about our customers seeing results with our products. We want our customers to experience fast and quantifiable results. We do not want typical representations of the word faster like a race car but something cool and edgy that doesn't have to mean 'I got there faster' using Software AG products, we want the design to be open for interpretation. We would need the 'i got there faster' words on the t-shirt along with a design. Please visit our website for more details about the company, We want each designer to have creative freedom but we do have a few brand guidelines for you to design around. Font: Dax font or Trebouchet Preferred Color Palette: Ocean blue (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 100,35,5,70 and Pantone Coated: 2965C) Laguna blue (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 100,10,15,25 and Pantone Coated: 633C) Glacier white (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 5,0,10,10 and Pantone Coated: 5665C) Valley green (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 35.5,100,5 and Pantone Coated: 383C) Jungle green (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 70,5,100,35 and Pantone Coated: 364C) desert orange (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 0,55,100,0 and Pantone Coated: 138C) lava red (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 15,100,95,5 and Pantone Coated: 200C) vineyard red (CMYK 4C-Euroscale: 36,100,63,44 and Pantone Coated: 7421C) Preferred imagery guidelines: We prefer real cut out objects vs. clip art images. Please visit the promotion where we will be giving away the t-shirt,

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  • I actually like it more now that you move the arrow to the side, I like that better than pointing up...
  • #11... Thank you... open to any ideas you migh have.
  • Interesting...I'm thinking on it...
  • Might be a bit plain...
  • To literal, I get it but its too obvious. We want something more open-ended.
  • I'm leaning to the white concept, I think its more versatile. I like the thinner lines too. It might be a bit too literal for the faster theme but I'll have to think on this one more.
  • I like this but it kinda remains me of a skateboarding t-shirt. It might be a bit too masculine but I do like how you worked in our company url. Subtle but branded, I like that.
  • I like how you looked at the website and pulled in technology terms that would fit possible solutions that achieved results.
  • I like this play on words, unique and open-ended...
  • hi CH, just uploaded my design #18. Hope for positive feedback. :)
  • Hello CH, I just submit my design can take a look at it? Its #16 Thanks,
  • Thank you for the feedback, glad you liked it. Here's one with a blue gradient, #47. Let me know if you have any further changes you want me to make :)
  • i send you second option of logo so what your opinion about this?
  • I would like this better if we changed the font to Dax font.
  • I would like this better if we change the font to Dax font.
  • I don't love the man and the dots dripping behind him, if you could fix that...I do like the globe and the lettering.
  • hi jessicadodson how are you? i have sind you logo one option and i will sending you others logos very soon if there any mistake you plz guide me thanks
  • I need to think on this one, the heard of people are hard to make out at first glance.
  • I like this, can you change the red to the blue color in our palette?
  • I like this, can you try to incorporate some colors...maybe the blue color in our palette?