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I am NOT looking for a logo, I am looking for a design for the back a tee shirt. I will put my logo on the front top corner of the tee. This is a brand new business and this will be the first t-shirt. At this time, Southern Stoner is a cannabis apparel/merch company only. I am terrible with ideas that is why I need your help. Be creative as I am open to ANYTHING....................I uploaded a picture of my logo that will be on the front.

I also have these slogans that can be used if you would like or please feel free to use your own if you would like, the ones in bold are my favorite:

-See what the buzz is all about
-Part cowboy, part toker
-It’s always 420 round here
-For all the space cowboys
-The South will smoke again!
-The South knows how to blaze up
-Duke Wayne meets Cheech and Chong
-The Southern way is the only way
-Getting baked the Southern way
-No one gets stoned like the South

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  • Hi,,please check out my design for your project,, any feedback appreciated,,thanks #23
    • @Nosib Can you make the year 2020? Thank you

    • @mineNhers Sir, Thank you for your feedback,,,Please check out my update design #68 and again give me feedback if you want to change something,,,,,thanks

  • About #30, @Nosib Can you keep everything the same except change the words to, "The South Will Smoke Again"? Thank you
    • @mineNhers Thank you for your response. Please check out my update design #67 , if you want to change something let me know again, I'll give you unlimited revision for your project. everything is changeable and all suggestions are welcome,,,thanks

  • Not sure why people are dropping out. I love the designs and just need other peoples opinions. My customers count and that is why I have asked for their pick. Please stay and do not drop out.
  • @Designers - do not copy exiting designs.
    DC moderator
  • Thank you for all of your entries. I am all about more entries, but looking really to post so my buddies can vote for the design that they like most..
    • @mineNhers yes sir, If the design of @ahon is improved, I will immediately correct it. thank you

  • Hi, Another Design for your project,,,,everything is changeable,,,thanks #58
  • My entry for the contest, the position on t shirt can be adjusted, the color can de adjusted/edited to your liking.

    i hope you like it, Thanks. #57
  • Hello this is my entry for the contest, the location on t shirt can be adjusted, the color can be edited/adjusted to your liking.

    I hope you like it, Thanks. #56
  • Five color space cowboy. I can reduce colors, and change them easily. #45
  • single color space cowboy... #44
  • Please don't close the contest before it's deadline, im working on a design and will upload it before the deadline.
  • About #37, @ahon
    i hope you like... thanks
  • About #36, @ahon
    i hope you like... thanks
  • About #31, @ahon
    i hope you like... thanks
  • in this design i make a design who look cool and luxurious
    the combination of colour make the design looks goods #28
  • Hello Im using a cool skull for this slogan "The south knows how to to blaze up!"concept the background has the cannabis leave but subtle. #27
  • trying #25
  • Here is my vision.
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions/changes. Kind regards #24
  • My another concept. #13